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The licensed VisiCalc program that ran on the IBM PC in 1981 peaceable runs on nowadays’s PCs. I even have integrated it here, with the form permission of Lotus who now owns the copyright, for of us to decide on out a take a look at at themselves. You need to to per chance per chance download it to your PC and slip it below Windows or DOS. It is only 27,520 bytes lengthy (smaller than many GIFs and JPGs on the glean).

This model of this technique is very goal just like the licensed VisiCalc that first came out on the Apple II in 1979. It has a pair of extra points: a “Home” key, lend a hand for four arrow keys, a pair of extra instructions including /E for editing the contents of a cell, and upper and lower case letters. This model used to be for DOS 1.0, which failed to have directories, so it’ll only access files in the present directory. The licensed model as shipped had reproduction protection. This one doesn’t, though it’s peaceable lined by a license settlement.

Consider: To give Up, exhaust “/SQY” (Storage, Quit, Sure).

The executable is equipped for download in a zipper file. Download the zip file by

clicking here

, discovering out the license settlement, and when you happen to compromise, clicking on the “I Agree, Launch the Download” link on the backside of the page. Place the file to disk as “” and extract the contents: “VC.COM”. The VC.COM file is a habitual DOS executable and may per chance per chance per chance peaceable even be slip, checked for viruses, and loads others. Even as you happen to form it in Windows by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, it could per chance per chance per chance peaceable slip in an MSDOS window by itself, like this:

VisiCalc running in an MSDOS window

Even as you happen to can even very successfully be original to this web dwelling: This web dwelling used to be created the exhaust of Trellix Net from

Trellix Company

, a huge authoring utility for with out problems developing and affirming web websites — ponder about the Info portion of the Trellix dwelling for experiences. (Disclaimer: I founded Trellix…) The procedure on the left permits you to navigate around this History web dwelling. It used to be produced robotically by Trellix (an risk).

This web dwelling has greater than ethical self-discipline cloth about VisiCalc — ponder about the

home page


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