This is another unbelievable module!!

MenuetOS is an operating system for PC, written fully in
assembly language (64bit and 32bit). Features include
pre-emptive and real-time multitasking with multiprocessor support
and Graphical User Interface.
Menuet64 is released under License and Menuet32 under
Menuet supports both 64 and 32bit x86 assembly programming for smaller,
faster and less resource hungry applications.

Menuet isn’t based on other operating system nor has it roots
within UNIX or the POSIX standards. The design goal

has been to remove the extra layers between
different parts of an OS, which normally complicate programming and
create bugs.

Menuet’s application structure isn’t specifically reserved
for asm programming since the header can be produced with
practically any other language. However, the overall
application programming design is intended for
64/32 bit asm programming. Menuet programming is fast and easy
to learn. Menuet’s responsive GUI is easy to handle with assembly
language. And Menuet64 is capable of running Menuet32 applications.


– 05.05.2022 M64 1.42.20 released – Below millisecond audio latency

– 07.01.2022 M64 1.39.80 released – VNC client & USB Midi recorder

– 23.01.2020 M64 1.32.60 released – USB Midi-class support

– 12.09.2019 M64 1.31.60 released – Updates & Improvements – Mediaplayer download

– 26.08.2018 M64 1.28.80 released – Webcam QR-code reader, Audio-wave editor

– 25.02.2017 M64 1.24.80 released – Improved USB webcam support

– 17.10.2016 M64 1.23.90 released – Support for 32 GB of Ram

– 16.05.2016 M64 1.22.50 released – Improved SMP support (upto 32 processors)

– 18.04.2016

M64 1.21.20 released – Support for time-critical, non-preempting processes

– 24.01.2016 M64 1.15.50 released – Context mixing compressor by Akos Mogyorosi

– 17.09.2015 M64 1.05.70 released – WebCall (IP to IP with audio and video)

– 26.06.2015 M64 1.02.20 released – Streaming movie and audio support

– 15.05.2015 M64 1.00.00 released – Menuet 64bit v1.00 released!

– 17.04.2015 M64 0.99.88 released – MediaPlayer v1.00 released!

– 19.01.2013 M64 0.98X released – Mathlib based on Naoki Shibata’s SLEEF-library

– 25.06.2011 M64 0.96X released – IntelHDA (ALC662) audio driver

– 01.06.2011 M64 0.96P released – Intel Pro/1000 and Realtek 816x/811x drivers from Ian Seyler

– 12.10.2010 M64 0.94H released – Fourier transform, sinc and resampler from A.Mogyorosi

– 10.01.2010 M64 0.92H released – Digital TV support (dvb-t)

– 20.08.2009 M64 MediaPlayer by V.Turjanmaa & A.Mogyorosi

– 02.09.2019 M32 – 0.86b released


– Pre-emptive multitasking with 1000hz scheduler, multiprocessor, multithreading, ring-3 protection

– Responsive GUI with resolutions up to 1920×1080, 16 million colours

– Free-form, transparent and skinnable application windows, drag’n drop

– SMP multiprocessor support with up to 32 cpus

– IDE: Editor/Assembler for applications

– USB 2.0 HiSpeed Classes: Storage, Printer, Webcam Video and TV/Radio support

– USB 1.1 Keyboard and Mouse support

– TCP/IP stack with Loopback & Ethernet drivers

– Email/ftp/http/chess clients and ftp/mp3/http servers

– Hard real-time data fetch

– Fits on a single floppy, boots also from CD and USB drives

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