YK22 bug causing Honda clocks to stop working

YK22 bug causing Honda clocks to stop working

Came to the forum trying to find the answer to this.

My 2007 CRV EX has the same issue. As of yesterday (1st Jan 22) my clock is also wrong, and the + and – buttons are not behaving properly when you reset the time.

I think I know what the cause is, but I doubt there will be a proper solution.

It hasn’t been in the news much but yesterday the date was written by many computers as 2201010001 (YYMMDDHHMM). Many older computers that store the date this way cannot handle any number bigger than 2147483647, so as soon as the year began with a 22, it fails and can no longer register the date/time correctly.

I can’t prove this for certain, but the timing is not likely to be coincidence. It’s basically like the millennium bug on a smaller scale.

Edit: the same issue wrecked some Microsoft email servers yesterday too:

Microsoft Exchange year 2022 bug in FIP-FS breaks email delivery

It is ultimately a hardware and software issue so I doubt Honda will roll out a fix for vehicles that are this old.

The only work around I can think of is to figure out just how on earth you can adjust the time correctly with +/- in the settings, although as others have found what you do in the settings seems to bear no relation to the final time you end up with.

On the plus side my CRV is now 15 years old and apart from the clutch/DMF failing at 13 years old, this is the first thing to break on it in all that time. :)

Happy to be corrected if this is not right but the timing and the fact that it has started to affect many cars at the same exact time means it’s likely to the the root cause IMHO.

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