Wine on Wayland year-end update: improved functionality and stability

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Alexandros Frantzis

December 22, 2021

It has been just over a year since we first announced our effort to implement a Wayland driver for Wine. Since then a lot of work has been done to improve the functionality and stability of the driver, and to provide a cleaner and more upstreamable patchset. This work continues as we expand our testing and receive valuable feedback from the community.

The Wine Wayland driver currently supports (minus any bugs):

  • Window state handling: resizing, maximization, minimization (often no proper minimized window contents, though), fullscreen.
  • OpenGL and Vulkan (including using WineD3D and DXVK).
  • Display mode changes (emulated with Wayland compositor scaling, rather than real display hardware mode changes).
  • Multiple monitors.
  • Mouse capture/clipping/relative motion (but note that Wayland compositors don’t tend to deal with non-fullscreen cases very well).
  • Popups, menus and other transient windows (except when cross-process, see below).
  • Keymaps set/updated from the Wayland compositor should work transparently.
  • HiDPI scaling (configurable to use either application/Wine or Wayland compositor scaling).
  • Copy/paste both ways, drag and drop in the direction from native Wayland to Wine.
  • Systray (minus right-click menu positioning)

A currently open issue is related to cross-process rendering, which is particularly relevant for Chromium/CEF based applications, like some game stores applications. For now, such applications require workarounds to function properly, but we have a few ideas about how to resolve these issues, which we plan to explore in the coming months.


For more information about known issues (and their workarounds), the current state of the Wayland driver and the next steps, we encourage you to visit the related discussion in the wine-devel mailing list.

Below is video of some applications and games running on the latest version of the Wine Wayland driver. Enjoy!

YouTube video

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