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Microsoft is taking the browser wars to the unheard of. First, the corporate mentioned that it would possibly well block all default browser workarounds in Windows, and now it has completed it in essentially the latest Windows update.

We knew for the time being would advance, however we weren’t certain precisely when Microsoft would fall the update that blocks workarounds cherish these utilized by Mozilla, Brave, and EdgeDeflector. As it appears, Microsoft slipped the update into the final patch Tuesday of 2021 for each and each Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Most ceaselessly, this means that “microsoft-edge:// links” can now no longer be compelled to originate to your default browser of resolution. Apps cherish EdgeDeflector and Mozilla’s workaround made it so these links would possibly be intercepted, however that’s now no longer doable with essentially the latest update to Windows.

This doesn’t advance as a surprise, as Microsoft called Mozilla’s workaround “crude” whereas announcing it utterly intended to dam it. However, we had been hoping that users and the media yelling about anticompetitive behaviors from Microsoft would possibly perform the corporate substitute its thoughts. That clearly isn’t the case, though.

A contemporary instrument called MSEdgeRedirect uses a completely diversified technique to find around Edge, alternatively it has to bustle within the background to work. In distinction, Mozilla, Brave, and EdgeDefelocot didn’t have to bustle a background process to work. On high of that, it’s being flagged by Microsoft’s SmartScreen if you happen to bustle it.

Moreover, Microsoft has made its intentions determined, so it’ll potentially correct block MSEdgeRedirect within the kill, leaving individuals caught the usage of Edge for these explicit kinds of links.

We’ll want to wait and explore if Microsoft has any repercussions for these anticompetitive ways. The corporate would possibly correct be walking the road sufficient to manual determined of entering anguish, however with the outrage from dwell-users and the media, it’ll maintain a scenario on its fingers.

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