Widdler is a single binary that serves up TiddlyWikis

Widdler is a single binary that serves up TiddlyWikis

widdler is a single binary that serves up

It may per chance per chance even be worn to server fresh wikis, or to provide novel ones.

  • TiddlyWikis are served over WebDav so it’ll build you directly from the browser.
  • Robotically produce novel wiki files by having a watch to a non-existent html file.
  • Built in .htpasswd administration (Including users).
  • Password protection by HTTP Abnormal Authentication.
  • A number of users (adding another user to the .htaccess file creates a novel user
  • Optionally accessible TLS crimson meat up.
creep receive -the united states.dev/widdler
mkdir wiki
cd wiki
# Generate a .htpasswd file:
widdler -gen
Username: qbit
Passwd: # Birth up the server

Now open your browser to http://localhost: 8080.

Merely browse to the file name you buy to provide. widdler will robotically
produce the wiki file based completely mostly off the sizzling empty.html TiddlyWiki version.

Merely hit the build button!



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