In the comments, Rahul requested that ask as follows:

On the whole perception, why are there no achievements in classical music that rival a Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and loads of others. that were created in mumble the final 50 years?

Is it an exhaustion of what’s capacity? Are all sizable motifs already found out?

Or will we in a single more 50 or 100 years appreciate a 1900’s composer at the same level as a Mozart or Beethoven?

Or used to be it something strange in that technology ( mumble 1800’s) which used to be conducive to the invention of sizable compositions? Patronage? Lack of distraction?

I would present a few hypotheses:

1. The advent of musical recording appreciated musical kinds that permit for the direct verbal replace of personality.  Mozart is mediated by sheet music, but the Rolling Stones are on jabber and the radio and now streaming.  You completely ranking “Mick Jagger,” and most listeners make a choice this to a bunch of quarter notes.  So quite a few vitality left the forms of music which would be communicated via more abstract manner, equivalent to musical notation, and leapt into personality-explicit musics.

1b. Eras have lovely centers of gravity.  So pushing quite a few skill in a single direction does discourage some diversified instructions from rising entirely.  Dylan didn’t factual pull of us into folks, he pulled them far from looking to be the following Pat Boone.

2. Electrification appreciated a diversity of musical kinds which would be no longer “classical” or even “contemporary classical,” with apologies to Glenn Branca.

3. The 2 World Wars ripped out the birthplaces of so mighty suitable European culture.  It is far not simplest classical music that suffered, but moreover European science, letters, entrepreneurship, and mighty more and loads more.

4. It is far traumatic to prime Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and loads of others., so in the end creators struck out in fresh instructions.  And exactly thanks to the much less abstract, more personality-encumbered nature of current music, it is tougher to have a in actuality long career and set aside the gap of a factual titan.  The Rolling Stones ran out of steam forty (?) years within the past, but Bach would possibly have saved on writing fugues, had he lived longer.  More most up-to-date musical events thus have many creators who are smaller in overall stature, even despite the fact that the whole of suitable music has stayed very excessive.

5. Contemporary classical music (NB: no longer essentially the most straightforward term, for one thing mighty of it is no longer contemporary) is mighty higher than most of us realize.  Grand of it is designed for peers, and intended to be skilled reside.  In the final decade I noticed performances of Glass’s Satyagraha, Golijov’s St. Marc Ardour, Boulez’s Le Marteau (at IRCAM), and Stockhausen’s Mantra, and it used to be all lovely improbable.  I doubt if these same gadgets are very tremendous on streaming.  It’ll be downhearted, but due to the incentives emanating from peers, most non-gape listeners attain no longer have the factual dimensionality of listening abilities to factual appreciate these compositions.  To be distinct, for essentially the most piece I don’t either, no longer living down here in northern Virginia, but at events I can overcome this (mostly via move back and forth) and at the least I am responsive to the phenomenon.  For these same reasons, it is atrocious to deem these works will have greatly elevated reputations 50 or 100 years from now — a few of them are already reasonably conventional!

There are diversified reasons in addition, what else would you suggest?