Whereas you order Russian, call Russia and expose them what’s occurring in Ukraine

Whereas you order Russian, call Russia and expose them what’s occurring in Ukraine

It is far a randomly generated phone need of a Russian citizen you would maybe per chance per chance per chance call.

As the bombs and missiles rain down on Ukraine cities and cities, we must in any admire times bypass Putin’s
lies and lift the truth to Russians. They are a other folks which own been lied to for a few years
and are being lied to about what’s occurring in Ukraine now.
It is our accountability and our responsibility to pass to them.

Easiest Russians can quit Putin

World’s thought doesn’t matter to Putin. World leaders can’t substitute his plans.
Sanctions can’t. He isn’t any longer fearful of them. There’s simplest thing he’s fearful of – Russian other folks on streets protesting.
And forty million calls can reduction this happen.

Easiest the truth can quit the war

Russian propaganda machine is working completely. It’s zombifying invent is horrible.
Self sustaining media closed, journalists – silenced. So, there’s none to expose the truth, to ticket photos of
destroyed hospitals, killed teens, bombarded homes.

Talking, no longer dislike

Putin speaks the language of guns and violence. He lies and fakes actuality.
Russians are victims of Putin and his regime. We know that Russian fogeys are no longer being knowledgeable the build their sons are
and what they are doing. Russians does no longer deserve dislike – they need our encouragement, our beef up and belief.

The last day of war

One phone call can no longer end a war. But hundreds and hundreds of phone calls would possibly maybe per chance maybe also.
Vladimir Putin can expose to total cities to be levelled but we are able to reduction talking to the first rate Russian other folks,
since the first day they’re going to stand in opposition to the Putin, would possibly maybe per chance maybe be the last day of the war.

Be willing for the call

The call will be in truth gripping. Folks own been exposed to Putin’s propaganda too long and it’s no longer easy substitute their minds.

Expose reports of different folks dying

Not dry statistics. Expose them about births in metro stations, destroyed hospitals, ruined colleges, killed teens.

Contend with them as family members of Russian troopers

Contend with them as mothers, fogeys, family members of Russian troopers. Discuss how troopers are no longer willing for the war, how misplaced they feel, hungry and despair.

Ask if the head of tell has to concern his other folks

What he’s so fearful of if he’s sending any a amount of thought to jail. Why is he hiding in the bunker himself.

Raze no longer strive to substitute their view of the priority

Raze no longer strive to convince them that all the pieces is dishonest. They are too in Putin’s world and also you would maybe per chance per chance per chance simplest fetch a objective appropriate stronger adverse.

Don’t focus on sanctions

Economics. This will likely simplest expose to them that Putin is correct and ought to be met as threatning.

Don’t threaten

Raze human connection. Discuss in regards to the likelihood of war and in vogue other folks struggling.

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