When WikiLeaks ran into the CIA: Operation Kudo uncovered [video]

When WikiLeaks ran into the CIA: Operation Kudo uncovered [video]

Andy Mueller-Maguhn

‘rc3-2021’ videos starting here

This talk is set the expertise of the Wikileaks accomplishing when it ran into a slight downside with the CIA. While it builds up on my closing years talk ‘CIA vs. WL’ I am now in a trouble to build a detailed dispute about how the operations unfolded and what it introduced about; with refreshing discipline material from numerous sources.


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2 thoughts on “When WikiLeaks ran into the CIA: Operation Kudo uncovered [video]

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    Were those guys in the car likely to be card-carrying CIA operatives or just hired thugs given orders from the CIA/MI6?

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    Posted last week here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29723433

    TL;DW Guy thinks information should be free. Thinks an informed society is important. Thinks journalistic freedom is necessary for that. Thinks Julian Assange should be free.

    Video is about the circumstances around the foiling of the plot to get Julian Assange out of the country by means of becoming an Ecuador diplomat. There was a meeting between JA and an Ecuadorian diplomat during the final stages of the plan (end of 2017 I think). This was high priority for US intelligence. One company inspected the fire extinguishers just before the meeting. The fire extinguisher was later found to be bugged. Each day around the time of the meeting there was a Ford Focus or a police car parked in front of the building allegedly collecting signals from the bugs and being ready to rock if necessary (often there were multiple dudes in the car, once 8 cups of coffee were brought to a police car). High quality surveillance of one such car reveals a dude holding case notes mentioning what to do in case the video surveillance goes out and JA tries to leave the building, including shooting out tires. Mentions operation kudo (meaning has something to do with β€œfriend”), which the presenter suspects to be a joint operation between the CIA and the London metropolitan police since it used MS7 (something like that) and MET acronyms. This would all be very much a breach of inviolability of diplomatic missions from Vienna convention. Lawsuits are underway apparently. In the end Ecuador gave up on this plan due to diplomatic pressure from US.

    Presenter was himself surveilled on behalf of the CIA but things have calmed down since a yahoo news article last year described some of the circumstances above, though he said it was also filled with some misinformation.

    Might not be 100% accurate. I was distracted.