What Is the Small Internet?

What Is the Small Internet?

At the present time, I would truly like to introduce you to a conception – and a imaginative and prescient for the prolonged scamper of our species within the digital and networked age – that I’ve spoken about for some time but never namely written about:

The Small Internet.

To brand what the Small Internet is, let’s compare it to the Colossal Internet. In assorted phrases, to the centralised Internet we’ve got today.

The Colossal Internet

The Big Web: a grid of “users” are hosted on MegaCorp’s server farm and you rent your space at https://mega.corp/you

You are allowed to rent home on Megacorp’s servers in commerce for giving up your privateness, freedom of speech, and assorted human rights.

The Colossal Internet is the centralised web; it is a web within the sense of a spider’s web. The spiders that sit down at its centre ready to suck you dry are Colossal Tech of us farmers esteem Facebook, Google, etc.

The Colossal Internet has “customers” – a term Silicon Valley has borrowed from drug sellers to record the of us they addict to their products and companies and exploit. We farm customers in server farms. On the Colossal Internet, we are in a position to fit thousands of customers precise into a single server and Megacorps “scale” to scamper thousands upon thousands of servers of their farms.

On the Colossal Internet, you never possess your possess home. You need to rent your possess home from Megacorps. Most on the total, you don’t have to pay to your possess home the utilization of cash. You pay for it by forfeiting your privateness, freedom of speech, and your assorted human rights. Collectively, we pay for it by forfeiting a democratic future.1

The mass surveillance and factory farming of human beings on a international scale is the commerce model of of us farmers esteem Facebook and Google. It’s the most indispensable driver of the socioeconomic gadget we call surveillance capitalism.

The Small Internet

The Small Web: you have your server at https://your.site.

On the Small Internet, you possess your possess home.

The Small Internet, comparatively simply, is the polar opposite of the Colossal Internet. It applies the Small Technology concepts to the receive.

The Small Internet is Your Internet

The Small Internet is for of us (no longer startups, enterprises, or governments). Moreover it is made by of us and minute, self sufficient organisations (no longer startups, enterprises, or governments2).

On the Small Internet, you (and most productive you) possess and adjust your possess home (or homes).

The Small Internet is the Single Tenant Internet

Small Internet suggestions and sites are single tenant. Which methodology that one server hosts one utility that serves factual one individual: you. On the Small Internet, we end no longer enjoy the conception that of “customers”. When we focus on over with of us, we call them of us.

Any other principal distinction between the Colossal Internet and Small Internet is that on the Colossal Internet we belief servers and mistrust clients whereas on the Small Internet, we mistrust servers and belief clients. We treat servers as wearisome shipping mechanisms. The patron – below the adjust of the one who owns the placement or app – is the finest relied on atmosphere.

Our most attention-grabbing usability mission on the Small Internet is making the possession and adjust of your possess web contrivance or utility as seamless as that you just maybe can also judge of. It’s going to also peaceable be finished in a system that does no longer require any technical technology in anyway. Our purpose is to win owning and declaring your possess home on the receive as easy as renting from a Megacorp with out all of the poisonous ramifications the latter entails.

We do no longer seem to be there but but the tip (starting up?) is in peek.

The place we’re today

Screenshot of the Site.js web site showing the header graphic (a woman reclining on the floor while typing on a laptop that has the Site.js logo on the Screen. The Site.js logo is a sprout with two green leaves.) Text on the site reads: Site.js: Small Web Construction Set. Underneith is the navigation: Home, Source, Docs, Issues, Fund Us!

Self-discipline.js is a tool to support builders create the Small Internet.

The first step to building the Small Internet is to create instruments for builders to empower them to create the Small Internet.

That’s why we’re making Self-discipline.js at Small Technology Foundation.

At the 2d, all our developer instruments and technical infrastructure comes from Colossal Tech and the Colossal Internet. They’re optimised for creating Colossal Tech and the Colossal Internet. Whereas we are in a position to repurpose about a of them for our possess makes use of, we also need instruments namely optimised for building single-tenant web suggestions and the Small Internet.

Within the phrases of Audre Lorde:

The master’s instruments can also no longer ever dismantle the master’s home.

(In assorted phrases, Colossal Tech’s instruments can also no longer ever dismantle Colossal Tech’s home. The most attention-grabbing ingredient we are in a position to end as builders is to create our possess instruments so we are in a position to create our possess homes in our possess system.)

Single tenancy affords us an infinite prick worth in complexity that we must recall full support of if we’re to win the Small Internet expertise as factual as (if no longer better) than the Colossal Internet expertise.

The single tenant web is sustainable and scales otherwise. It does no longer enjoy economies of scale. It does no longer scale vertically esteem the Colossal Internet. It scales horizontally. Because the Small Internet scales, no single organisation or individual scales alongside it. It does no longer centralise wealth and energy.

The place we’re heading

Now that Self-discipline.js is reaching a level of maturity, we’re turning our attention to creating an entirely seamless gadget for creating and web web hosting Small Internet sites and suggestions.

As half of that we’ve got submitted minute-web.org for inclusion within the Public Suffix List and are making a provider the place you maybe can also win up and running in conjunction with your possess Self-discipline.js-powered Small Internet web contrivance, at your possess self sufficient arena3, and for your possess server in below a minute.

This work has begun and is within the early stages.

This provider, once ready, will peaceable first and most indispensable be geared in the direction of builders. Alternatively, with the infrastucture for straight away deploying any Small Internet app or web contrivance created, we (and assorted builders) can then turn our attention to creating shining, excellent, and even maybe palatable on a typical basis things for on a typical basis of us on the Small Internet that adhere to Small Tech concepts.

As with the whole lot else we create, all of this work can even be free and begin and we invite and support others to create identical products and companies and to cooperate with us in igniting the spark of the Small Internet.

Our imaginative and prescient for the prolonged scamper

Multi-coloured circles all connected to each other via dashed lines.

The Small Internet will not be any longer a location; it is a public sphere. It’s the interconnections of for my piece-owned and controlled sovereign areas on a international digital community.

You hear a quantity of focus on blockchains and proof of work but here will not be any longer what the Small Internet is set. Having a thousand million copies of the identical database will not be any longer decentralisation. That’s centralisation. While you happen to can also enjoy got a thousand million of us, having a thousand million – two billion, three billion… – piquant databases is decentralisation. In assorted phrases, decentralisation with out topological decentralisation is bullshit.

(And in case focus on of databases sounds dry, technical, and inappropriate to you, endure in mind that every of these databases is an artefact of a soul’s exploration of itself and the world around them.)

Our imaginative and prescient for the prolonged scamper is one the place every one owns and controls their possess location on our shared international community. That is the finest system to win sure that we’ve got a public sphere4, human rights, and democracy within the digital community generation.

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered customers, and win chat, win teams, post updates and win chums all over the world!

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2 thoughts on “What Is the Small Internet?

  1. Aditya avatar

    Probably the same sentiment as many of the comments already present, but I haven't read all of them.

    Don't people understand that the original Internet was/is built for exactly this(?); end to end connectivity between any two hosts. This is still mostly possible, but you do now have to get a public/routable ipv4 address. IPv6 gets back to the E2E ideal, without any overlay.

    P2P systems from 20 years ago also solved this problem. For example hidden services on Tor, i2p, generic DHTs, etc.

    Why people think we need to redo everything so that it works with JS and Blockchain boggles the mind. It's not corporate vs. individual as the seem to argue, it's just pro Blockchain, or pro Ethereum or something else.

    This article seems to just be framing this same non-argument in a slightly different way. Get a static, public IP and run your microhttpd blog for pennies. Don't act like hosting it on an overcomplicated overengineed Blockchain network is going to decentalize the web. It's already decentralized, but nobody wants to go to your hidden service…

  2. Aditya avatar

    The Big Web has “users” – a term Silicon Valley has borrowed from drug dealers to describe the people they addict to their services and exploit.

    This doesn't seem like it's true. I feel like it came from the unix culture. Unless they got it from drug dealers…