Western Digital HDD boss mentions archive disk power thought

Western Digital HDD boss mentions archive disk power thought

Blocks & Info used to be briefed by Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, EVP and GM of Western Digital’s laborious disk power (HDD) commercial, who suggested WD could per chance circulate into the tape archive market with HDD expertise.

He also talked about the that you will most likely be ready to contemplate flash/disk charge crossover, HAMR, multi-actuator drives, 11-platter drives and SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) as successfully — nevertheless the archive disk power thought used to be the briefing bombshell as a ways as we were concerned.

Ashley Gorakhpurwalla

Well-known as CEO David Goekeler stated earlier this month, Gorakhpurwalla doesn’t leer a flash/disk crossover occurring any time quickly. HAMR drives will happen across the 30TB impress or so and ePMR-variety applied sciences comparable to OptiNAND will power capacities up stepwise for one other 10TB or so. He also stated multi-actuator drives will most likely be developed by Western Digital. So let’s wave goodbye to these matters and head over into the archive home, the build we’ll meet 11 platters and SMR as successfully.

Gorakhpurwalla stated: “The absolute top share of your knowledge is totally not being accessed as much. And it begins to secure much less warm and much less warm over time. … Many analysis hold confirmed that … the real topic for the replace transferring ahead is with the blueprint to add yet one other tier, to enable much less warm knowledge and archive knowledge to exist.” 

“I feel about the long term of that is the laborious power as successfully, maybe in a a petite bit utterly different secure or ability than instantly time. Nonetheless fixing the archive topic is share of our mission.” 

If he is speaking about this archival knowledge disk power thought to us — hacks in opposition to the decrease dwell of the hierarchy of who suppliers consult with about glossy ideas — then it could per chance truly deserve to hold had an even quantity of air time inner Western Digital and between WD and its largest customers already.

Here is a memory-to-tape hierarchy map, presented as a triangle to cowl that the quantity of knowledge grows as you growth down-hierarchy, with secure admission to latency increasing and charge/bit lowering in lockstep as you fall this ladder of tiers.

Gorakhpurwalla stated: “I feel about even whereas you happen to transcend those tiers, the general components down into very petite secure admission to, maybe actual as soon as read by no components, you start to secure correct into a medium that restful exist as we lag ahead in paper or utterly different sorts, maybe even optical.”

He added: “Mediate a laborious power in a delicate sense, , the three and a half of shuffle secure part with 9 or 10 platters [and] at some point soon 11 platters and … the [kind of] head stack that we now hold got instantly time. That’s a … aggregate of applied sciences and capabilities. Utilising … that toolbox then to circulate and be ready to raise a resolution for utterly different tiers within the datacentre … is share of our roadmap at Western Digital.”

Here is the most critical time we now hold got heard of an 11-platter disk power probability and it would provide a 2+ TB enhance to power ability.

Support to the archive power thought. “It’s not something that that … we’re gonna start subsequent quarter, nevertheless over time we’ll be ready to manufacture what’s truly critical right here.

“As you growth ahead, then I feel about utilising our expertise and selection of code designing and partnering with our largest customers, the programs infrastructure and instrument level, we can then start to circulate correct into a much less warm. extra archive home going ahead, utilising the identical extra or much less applied sciences that arise laborious drives.”

OK, let’s explore Gorakhpurwalla’s thought a piece of. Here is a ability-optimised play needing cautious charge/efficiency positioning versus tape. Let’s envisage a 5.25-shuffle secure part disk power with ten platters, every twice the the same 3.5-shuffle ability and hold nearline 3.5-shuffle drives be transport with a 26TB non-shingled ability.

That offers us a 52TB conventionally recorded power. Now let’s apply shingling, because write velocity isn’t a critical part right here, and magnify ability by a shade under 17 per cent to realize 60TB. We’d play with numbers extra and open out with an 11-platter power and so attain at a 70TB destination disk. Whichever, we’d name this a Coldline power (or Farline — arise your comprise time frame) and self-discipline it in our memory-to-tape hierarchy esteem this:

Would cloud service suppliers and endeavor hyperscalers be prepared at this ability level to alter their instrument stacks in expose to present a decide to shingled disk media and hold a tough 10ms random secure admission to latency to archived knowledge in self-discipline of the two-minute-plus latency for offline tape knowledge? Gorakhpurwalla thinks they could per chance.

He’s bringing the hypothesis out into the media light of day and so, we variety, WD’s engineers, strategists and sufficient of its substantial customers think about there is likely as successfully. It’s early days nevertheless maybe we’ll leer or hear something extra as we growth through 2022, and in all likelihood product will open getting talked about in 2023.

The light Flash-and-Trash thought and Wikibon’s Wright’s Legislation-primarily primarily based flash/disk charge crossover solutions will most likely be critically delayed — by ten years as a minimal it appears to be like. Unless then the flash, disk and tape trio principles — the trusty, long-lived, three-legged stool of storage media.

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