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Featured - KNOWASIAK originals - June 7, 2021

Welcome the Knowasiak Community version 4.0!

Hi bud! I’m Aditya Gaurav, CEO of Knowasiak company. I have something for you! Before that I want to say you a big thank-you! You’ve been a part of our community from the starting days, and now we’ve completed this ride of one rocking year! We’ve now grown to a community of 1300+ registered users including you, 0.4 million of newsletter subscriber, yeah that’s true! So many people read the articles written by the community! We have accumulated a great position in the world of media all because of you all, and you’ve also been one of those people who did that. Really, thank you! Now let’s come to the surprise! We at the backend in our offices have come up with something new for you in return of your contribution to the community! These are the features that we have released for use in the new 4.0 version, and we are excited to introduce them to you! See below.

Incredible New Community Themes and Features!

Show-off your respect level, Ranks, Credits & Missions to complete!

Connect Directly with people from all over world on forums, make connections!


All new account hub! Manage all your preferences all from just one place!

Thanks again and let’s continue to cherish this moment and let’s use these features to get a competitive edge and get at the most popular list of members! Sign up or Sign in now below, to experience the community!

Towards Evolution & Growth,
Aditya Gaurav


Top Badges To Earn

Platinum Cup

Won an official Social Network competition

Silver User

Has posted more than 100 posts on their profile

1 Required Step

  • Write an activity stream message 100 times

Gold User

Has posted more than 500 posts on their profile

1 Required Step

  • Write an activity stream message 500 times

Platinum User

Has posted more than 1000 posts on their profile

1 Required Step

  • Write an activity stream message 1000 times

Mightier Than Sword

Successfully published at least 10 blog posts

1 Required Step

  • Publish a new post 10 times

Caffeinated Readers

Received more than 500 daily visits on any post

1 Required Step

  • Daily visit any post 500 times





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