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  • Introducing Knowasiak

    Knowasiak is a Global Knowledge Sharing Social Networking Platform. It's a social network joined by Incredibly Talented Entrepreneurs Globally.

    Why join?

    1. You get the opportunity to feature your services and build a global online presence on Knowasiak.

    2. You get the advantage of interacting with a global community of talented individuals one to one and Find Jobs that give your career a boost on Knowasiak.

    3. You get the opportunity to Hire Potential Talented candidates globally, you can see complete profiles of candidates with their work, projects and on-hands experience giving you freedom to choose a better candidate to take your company to next level.

  • Knowasiak is made for sharing knowledge

    People use knowasiak to learn and read Mind Blowing articles, Share Ideas, Make Global connections, Celebrate success and Discuss Serious Technology. With private messaging and Fully customizable, CSS editable User-Powered profiles, Users can Personalize their own Global Presence in the most Effective Manner.

    Embracing Global Community

    Currently, 16,000+ Users use Knowasiak. From 115+ Countries. Count Updated every month.

  • 100% Privacy

    Privacy is first for us

    We use self-owned Privacy focused analytics that keeps your personal information safe and keeps the power in your hands unlike other corporates platforms. For us your Privacy matters more than anything else and we believe in building Trustful ecosystem for our users.

  • More Security

    Deep Security

    We deeply care about Users privacy and we know that Security of our users is Everything, that's why we summoned Automated Toughest 16 Layers Security Mechanism, that keeps you Safe and gives you Freedom and Opportunity to show your Creativity and Talent at highest.

    We succeed when you succeed.

    To make you Successful in your Journey of life whether you're a Student, Doctor, Philosopher, Astronaut or a Scientist, we know that freedom to show own talent makes you unique and famous. To help you with that we have launched features where you can Show at which places you have been invited, at which Events you have Spoken and in which Industry you have Won Awards. We care about our users and their needs. You can always use Contact us page to send your feedback and suggestions directly to us..

Knowasiak is made for sharing knowledge