WebStorm 2022.1: Better Subsequent.js Make stronger, Volta Integration, and More

WebStorm 2022.1: Better Subsequent.js Make stronger, Volta Integration, and More

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WebStorm 2022.1, the main important replace of the year, is now available within the market. It functions improved beef up for Subsequent.js, full integration with Volta, the ability to drag instructions from Markdown recordsdata, updates for Docker, and far extra.



In the occasion you handiest luxuriate in a little while to safe what’s unusual in WebStorm 2022.1, look this video the establish Paul Everitt, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, walks you thru the most indispensable changes. In the occasion you is more seemingly to be feeling have diving deeper, learn on.

The important unusual functions and improvements in v2022.1 embody:

  • Frameworks and Technologies: better beef up for Subsequent.js, full integration with Volta, improvements for Vue and Docker, and extra.
  • Editor: the ability to drag instructions from Markdown recordsdata, an updated Markdown editor floating toolbar, dry drag mode beef up within the relate-line formatter, and extra.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript: changes to the Structure discover, improved Join Lines, and configurable highlighting colors for enums.
  • User Expertise: a unusual Notifications instrument window, an improved debugger UI, an updated Structural Search and Change dialog, and extra.
  • Model Alter: improved efficiency of Annotate with Git Blame, updates to the Commit Facts pane within the Git instrument window, and beef up for suggested changes in pull demand comments.

Frameworks & Technologies

Better Subsequent.js beef up

In this inaugurate, we’ve improved beef up for the smartly-liked Subsequent.js framework. Thanks to WebStorm’s constructed-in React beef up, the general key functions need to luxuriate in already been working for your Subsequent.js tasks. WebStorm 2022.1 adds beef up for some framework-explicit issues, such as pages. The IDE will regain to the bottom of paths extinct within the href attribute of your Link parts as well to in manufacture and quite a lot of tags. Code completion, navigation, and refactorings will work, too.


Make stronger for Volta

WebStorm 2022.1 will also regain true integration with Volta, a JavaScript instrument manager. This might perhaps seemingly automatically acknowledge Story and npm attach within the use of Volta.


Corepack beef up for Story and pnpm

Any other relate that made it into this inaugurate is Corepack beef up. Corepack is an experimental Node.js instrument that lets you exhaust Story and pnpm while not having to set up them. In the occasion you is more seemingly to be making an strive to give it a are attempting, fabricate slide you drag corepack enable within the constructed-in terminal – the characteristic isn’t turned on by default. For extra records, look the authentic Node.js documentation.

Enhancements for Vue

WebStorm 2022.1 comes with several improvements for Vue 3. In the occasion you clarify parts globally, the IDE will now acknowledge them for your .vue recordsdata. WebStorm can also aloof beef up the createApp syntax. This might perhaps seemingly accurately match functions created the use of createApp with their related parts.


Make stronger for Nuxt 3, a unusual model of a smartly-liked Vue framework, has been added, too.

Enhancements for Docker

Contemporary Products and companies discover UI

We’ve transformed Docker’s UI within the Products and companies instrument window. The makeover has been implemented for containers, photos, networks, and volumes.


Docker Registry V2 beef up

We’ve added beef up for Docker Registry HTTP API V2 to utilize with Docker 1.6+. Chances are you’ll presumably manufacture straightforward or password-capable Docker V2 registries and make the general conventional actions have viewing, pushing, and pulling photos.


ESM beef up for webpack configuration

Any other positive addition to this inaugurate which might perhaps be purposeful to you. To any extent extra, webpack coding assistance will work with ES modules for your webpack.config.js recordsdata.


Exporting UML diagrams to quite a lot of codecs

It’s now imaginable to export UML diagrams as YEd .graphml, JGraph .drawio, Graphviz .dot, Graphviz .dot with Positions, Mermaid .md, Plantuml, and IDEA .uml recordsdata, which makes them appropriate with third-birthday party tools. To export, use the corresponding action from the context menu available within the market on true-click on.



Speed instructions from Markdown recordsdata

In the occasion you have the positive little touches in WebStorm, you’ll definitely have this addition. README recordsdata on the general portray steps for running an app, itemizing a bunch of instructions to be extinct. WebStorm 2022.1 enable you to drag those instructions true from the README file – true click on on the Speed icon to the left of the relate.


Up up to now Markdown editor floating toolbar

To manufacture it more uncomplicated to format Markdown recordsdata, we’ve transformed the floating toolbar that appears to be like on textual allege material exchange. Moreover the unusual assemble, the toolbar now provides list introduction efficiency and a dropdown menu that lets in you to steal header styles.


The toolbar is customizable, so that it is possible you’ll also non-public it up with the alternatives you want. To kind so, scurry to Preferences / Settings | Appearance & Habits | Menus and Toolbars | Markdown Editor Floating Toolbar.

Copy code snippet for Markdown

We also added a unusual Copy code snippet action to Markdown blocks. This might perhaps seemingly enable you to rapid reproduction their contents to the clipboard.


Dry drag mode beef up within the relate-line formatter

Right here’s yet any other tiny but purposeful characteristic that made it into WebStorm 2022.1 inaugurate. The relate-line formatter now supports a dry drag mode to validate project recordsdata.

Code reformatting in LightEdit mode

We enhanced LightEdit mode, the efficiency that lets in you to edit your recordsdata without growing or loading the general project, with a unusual characteristic – that it is possible you’ll also now reformat your code whereas in LightEdit mode. To kind this, scurry to Code | Reformat Code within the predominant menu or press ⌥⌘L / Ctrl+Alt+L. For extra records on LightEdit mode, look our documentation.

JavaScript & TypeScript

Improved Structure discover

With the Structure discover, that it is possible you’ll also search for your recordsdata and soar to their explicit parts faster. In this inaugurate, we’ve made it extra effective to head searching for JavaScript and TypeScript recordsdata. The symbols in a file are for slide introduced in a extra logical account for. Also, WebStorm will now order export icons subsequent to exported symbols to manufacture them more uncomplicated to distinguish.


Contemporary cases coated by the Join Lines action

Did you know WebStorm lets you join strains or blocks of code the use of ⌃⇧J / Ctrl+Shift+J? Now this action will work for nested if statements, producing the related result as the Merge if statements like a flash-fix. Moreover to, WebStorm will steal redundant braces while you happen to exhaust the Join Lines action on if, whereas, for-of, and quite a lot of the same statements with single-lined blocks.


Configurable highlighting colors for enums

We’ve launched unusual Enum and Enum member alternatives in Preferences / Settings | Editor | Coloration Scheme | TypeScript. Their default values are inherited from Class for Enum and from Static member variables for Enum members.

User Expertise

Contemporary Notifications instrument window

We replaced WebStorm’s Event Log with a unusual Notifications instrument window. We hope it helps you encourage the next overview of notifications from the IDE so you don’t miss the leisure major.

By default, the unusual instrument window is located to the true of the editor. All notifications that seem in it might perhaps perhaps truly also be divided into two lessons: Solutions and Timeline. Right here’s an instance of what the Notifications instrument window can also discover have for you:


We will proceed working on the Notifications instrument window to beef up the general workflow of receiving and managing suggestions, warnings, and quite a lot of purposeful messages.

UI improvements for the debugger

To maximise the usable field within the Debugger instrument window, we’ve hidden the tab labels by default. To manufacture them visible any other time, or to customize their establish, use the Brand Tab Labels likelihood within the Layout Settings or name it thru the Search A ways and wide dialog (⇧⇧ / Shift+Shift) with the Debug instrument window in level of curiosity.


Contemporary UI for inlay keep settings

The Inlay Hints settings characteristic a unusual UI and updated workflow. Chances are you’ll presumably now configure your preferences based mostly totally on the kind of hints you prefer the IDE to offer you.


Up up to now Structural Search and Change dialog

The Structural Search and Change dialog now functions a list of the general templates to manufacture it more uncomplicated to navigate between them. We’ve also added a Pin Dialog icon to the higher true corner of the dialog and moved the Injected code and Match case checkboxes to the bottom of the Search template pane.


Accessibility improvements

We’ve launched updates and fixes for WebStorm’s accessibility functions to higher accommodate the wants of our customers.

To facilitate navigation within the Log tab, the visual display unit reader now reads the names and descriptions of the branches’ bushes. It gives a express instructed to utilize ⌘L to navigate thru quite a lot of Log filters.

The accessibility beef up for macOS customers has been improved. In this inaugurate, we’ve resolved the VoiceOver relate that turn out to be once causing a pair of pointless repetitions of list parts. Additionally, VoiceOver can now learn combo field lists, and we’ve mounted the flawed positioning of the VoiceOver cursor when working on an exterior visual display unit.

Means to slash up the editor evenly

We’ve implemented a tiny refinement for those that ranking to reorganize their workspace by splitting the editor. Chances are you’ll presumably now configure the slash up tabs to luxuriate in the related width. To kind this, scurry to Preferences / Settings | Progressed Settings and steal the unusual Equalize proportions in nested splits likelihood.


Model Alter

Up up to now Annotate with Git Blame

We’ve improved the efficiency of Annotate with Git Blame to manufacture investigating launched changes more uncomplicated. The IDE highlights the adaptations in strains true within the editor while you happen to wing on an annotation and opens the Log tab below the Git instrument window while you happen to click on on it.


Clarify exterior diff and merge tools

WebStorm 2022.1 now enables specifying quite a lot of exterior diff and merge tools based mostly totally on the file kind. To configure them, scurry to Preferences / Settings | Tools | Diff & Merge | Exterior Diff Tools.


Up up to now Commit Facts pane in Git instrument window

The Commit tiny print pane now entails records about GPG signatures and fabricate quandary. Previously, this records turn out to be once shown handiest as a column within the Git log.

It’s now more uncomplicated to work with suggested changes in WebStorm. We’ve added the ability to use or commit changes in pull demand comments locally true within the IDE. To safe comments, scurry to the Pull Requests instrument window and double-click on on the required pull demand.


These are the most indispensable highlights. For the total list of up to the moment functions and enhancements available within the market in WebStorm 2022.1, look the inaugurate notes. Please portion your feedback with us and file any disorders you encounter to our relate tracker.

The WebStorm crew

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