Waffle House Poet Laureate (2019)

Waffle House Poet Laureate (2019)
Waffle House Poet Laureate Karen Head
Karen Head is the Waffle Home Poet Laureate.

Describe courtesy of Karen Head

The phrase “scattered, smothered, and covered” has a obvious poetic ring, so it’s becoming that Waffle Home has its cling poet laureate. Georgia Tech poetry professor Karen Head is the first to lay claim to that title. We caught up with the just currently anointed scribe in near of her appearance at this weekend’s Decatur Book Competition:

How did you become Waffle Home Poet Laureate?

Georgia Tech and Waffle Home are very firmly connected. All of the heads of Waffle Home had been Georgia Tech graduates. The current CEO Walt Ehmer is a Georgia Tech graduate, and the worn CEO Bert Thornton modified into as soon as a Tech graduate. Bert and I purchased to know each and every other through some alumni occasions. We talked about Georgia Tech’s guaranteed admission for any valedictorian or salutatorian in the divulge. The principle year it modified into as soon as provided, there had been 37 counties that did not send a single utility. Many students accurate don’t be pleased any examples of any individual who has long gone to school of their lives. I didn’t. I’m a first-gen college student, Neither of my folks graduated high college. I told Bert I wished to exit to primarily the most rural colleges in primarily the most a long way-flung counties and focus on about arts and poetry. I wished the students to hear my story about going to school. Bert urged I write up a proposal for the foundation. I requested for a modest grant to duvet inch to 12 colleges and a poetry opponents, which might maybe pay the winner’s tuition to the divulge’s online college core program. They agreed to fund my thought and mailed me a Waffle Home nametag with an official title, Waffle Home Poet Laureate. The premise of it has accurate originate of caught on. Folks would like to repeat me their cling Waffle Home tales. It’s been spell binding.

Waffle House Poet Laureate Karen Head
Head’s official nametag

Describe courtesy of Karen Head

I take it you’re a massive fan of the drinking areas?

Having grown up in a protection force household, inspiring round so noteworthy, Waffle Home has continuously represented a ability of dwelling for me. After I modified into as soon as getting my PhD in Nebraska, the closest Waffle Home modified into as soon as in St. Joseph, Missouri. After I purchased stuck on my dissertation or accurate began feeling homesick, I’d in finding in my automobile and force the two hours down to St. Joe’s. I’d use, and then turn round and force assist. It would take the better portion of a day, on the opposite hand it modified into as soon as accurate a healthy open. I accurate love correct, solid, official meals. I don’t if fact be told use waffles. It’s all about the hash browns for me. And as soon as they’re continuously open, it’s one thing it’s doubtless you’ll rely on. One amongst my poems is known as “Continually Begin.” It’s about that force from Kansas City. [Read the poem below.]

Stay you ever write poetry at the Waffle Home?

I be pleased. I don’t are inclined to manufacture it as noteworthy anymore. Now that I’m in my 50s, I’m noteworthy extra with out predicament distracted. But, on occasion, you’ll peep me at 1885 (I now consult with Waffle Properties by their number; 1885 is the Georgia Tech Waffle Home) working in the morning.

Waffle House Poet Laureate Karen Head
Head’s fresh book, Misplaced on Motive

Describe courtesy of Karen Head

How is a Waffle Home love a poem?

I feel the connection I’d keep—and a connection I strive to keep for students—is that poetry is a made thing. While it’s doubtless you’ll realize one thing that’s made, it’s doubtless you’ll realize poetry. In that sense, hash browns are a made thing. You might maybe be ready to combine it up in assorted ways: scattered, smothered, covered, chunked. There is a language round it, and as soon as you be taught the language it makes sense. That’s if fact be told no assorted than studying the language of a sonnet. Whilst you be taught the foundations and realize how it’s put together, then each and every sonnet you read after that goes to be more uncomplicated so that you can achieve. It’s a topic of breaking down the objects and belief how it’s made.

Popular explain?

I be pleased the cheese and egg plate, raisin toast, skip the grits, hash browns, scattered, smothered, capped, diced, bacon additional effectively.

Karen Head will read from her fresh poetry series Misplaced on Motive at the Decatur Book Competition on August 31 at 1: 30 pm on the Local Poetry Stage at Ammazza, 314 East Howard Ave, Decatur.

Continually Begin

In the dream, I’m assist on the road

utilizing south from Lincoln, NE

toward Kansas City, windows half of plan

down, Midwest iciness air smacking me

wakeful, reminding me to breathe.

I’m suffering.

Homesickness is the story

I repeat, but I know there’s extra to it,

this loneliness, these too posthaste

heartbeats, this must scoot.

Simply outside St. Joe, web site visitors

from the KC airport roars

overhead, and accurate off the exit

I peep it, dazzling warm yellow

in the darkness, so I pull in.

This is no photoshopped Hopper

Nighthawks. No, this is dwelling,

continuously open, continuously there

searching at for me past any curfew.

I shake snow from my hair,

fetch the gap empty, with the exception of for

one counter stool, which begins

to travel and Bourdain tells me to

join him, so I fabricate on myth of

I’ve bought nowhere else to be.

I divulge, “Scattered, smothered,

covered, diced, and capped,”

and laughter erupts. Now the gap

is fat of folks I couldn’t put.

We’re all drinking pecan waffles,

telling each and every other tales, and I relate,

“Finally, maybe, I’ll fetch a ability to be happy,”

and Bourdain says, “Don’t you be pleased

somewhere it is top to be?”

The faint sound of the airplanes

begins to extend, all the pieces begins to shake.

I dive down, duvet my ears,

shut my eyes to the looming shadows—

startled, I fetch myself assist in Atlanta,

you is more likely to be snoring again,

and, for as soon as, for continuously, this makes me happy.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity. Poem reproduced with permission of the creator.

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