Vuescan – Draw toughen for 6500 abandoned scanners

Vuescan – Draw toughen for 6500 abandoned scanners

Gil Schneider Facebook Profile Image
Gil Schneider

I had heaps of pictures to scan, and after doing a itsy-bitsy analysis I made Up our minds to switch for VueScan. I don’t remorse my decision. Scanning used to be a rush and saved me heaps of time. I’m the instruct of a Brother All-in scanner which I sold 3 years ago and while its scanning instrument will not be obnoxious it be a lot slower and has formulation much less alternatives than VueScan. My operation device is Windows 10. I’m in a position to counsel VueScan with out hesitation. It”s price the money.


Victor C Glanville Facebook Profile Image
Victor C Glanville

Hamrick Draw – I acquire been the instruct of VueScan for 10 years on several various computers the instruct of 3 scanner fashions. It in actuality is an gorgeous product smartly maintained and noteworthy tag for money. It has given me heaps of enjoyment over the years and helped model some prime quality scans of classic family pictures. I’m in a position to counsel it to somebody.


Tim Flanigan Facebook Profile Image
Tim Flanigan

I am completely in fancy with this instrument! My Nikon COOL SCAN V would handiest work with Windows 98 so it be been our of commission for moderately some time. Thanks to VueScan, it motivate on-line and dealing higher than ever. It’s so atmosphere obedient and clear-slash to instruct that I’m having a await scanning several thousand slides which acquire been stored away and unusable. My scanner now works loads higher than it did originally that I am incredulous. I purchased the Pro model and it is price every penny of the cheap tag. WOW! To find it irresistible! Thank You Hamrick!!!


Marc Bodewes Facebook Profile Image
Marc Bodewes

In Jan 2003 I sold VueScan for my Epson Perfection 1200. I damaged-down it loads, more functions than the strange driver. Got new computers with new operating programs, forgot about VueScan. I acquired a brand new Epson scanner – damaged-down one would not acquire Grab10 drivers. I remembered VueScan. Found it, downloaded the trial model, and my damaged-down EPSON 1200 scanner WORKED again. Wow, a bewitch made in 2003, works on a PC with an operating device that would not exist in 2003. 17 YEARS later! And that for a extraordinarily little amount of cash. THIS IS SERVICE AND ADDING VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMER!


Peter Glusker Facebook Profile Image
Peter Glusker

Or not it is absurd that I could well not instruct my Espon WF-3520 scanner when Mac OS updated, and Epson clearly has no hobby in fixing the impart. Works completely with VueScan 9.

Senta Schuijers Facebook Profile Image
Senta Schuijers

Used to be going to ship my very damaged-down HP scanjet to the landfill but attributable to Hamrick Draw I acquired’t ought to!!! Very sustainable. It works on my Macbook with Catalina OS!!!!

Kathy Lower Facebook Profile Image
Kathy Decrease

Vuescan Skilled saved me from having to bewitch a brand new scanner when Mac Catalina no longer supported my present scanner. Map more tag tremendous than shopping a brand new scanner, straightforward to instruct and huge quality.

Lee Washington Facebook Profile Image
Lee Washington

I’m very elated with the instrument. It acknowledged all scanner ingredients and enables me to proceed scan to paperwork after macOS replace.

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Patient with both friends and enemies,
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Compassionate toward yourself,
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― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
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