LifestyleVim prank: alias vim='vim -y'

Vim prank: alias vim=’vim -y’


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While going through :h vim-arguments for my Vim reference guide ebook, I came across the -y option:

Easy mode. Implied for evim and eview. Starts with 'insertmode' set and behaves like a click-and-type editor. This sources the script $VIMRUNTIME/evim.vim. Mappings are set up to work like most click-and-type editors, see evim-keys. The GUI is started when available.

It was so weird to use. Copy and paste works with Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v respectively. Text can be selected with mouse and typing new text overwrites this selected portion. Esc key doesn’t work (gasp!), so I couldn’t quit until I used the window buttons. Later I tried and found that Ctrl+o works, which would then allow you to use :q as usual.

So, if you want to prank a Vim user:

alias vim='vim -y'

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info I didn’t expect such a good response on /r/vim/ and twitter for this “easy” feature. So, decided to make a mini blog post as well. Also, I got to know a few more ways to escape this madness from the /r/vim/ sub:

One hint: If you want to go to Normal mode to be able to type a sequence of commands, use CTRL-L.

Use See :h CTRL-_CTRL-N

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  1. From the help pages[0] to help you navigate in this mode:

    > These Insert mode commands will be useful:

    > – Use the cursor keys to move around.

    > – Use CTRL-O to execute one Normal mode command. When this is a mapping, it is executed as if 'insertmode' was off.

    > – Use CTRL-L to execute a number of Normal mode commands, then use<Esc> to get back to Insert mode.

    >These items change when 'insertmode' is set:

    > – when starting to edit of a file, Vim goes to Insert mode.

    > – <Esc> in Insert mode is a no-op and beeps.

    > – <Esc> in Normal mode makes Vim go to Insert mode.

    > – CTRL-L in Insert mode is a command, it is not inserted.

    > – CTRL-Z in Insert mode suspends Vim.

    I was going to call you out for plagiarizing an idea from a Reddit post[1] as your own, but it turns out you're the same person, so carry on 🙂



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