Video reveals crimson truck driving by plot of twister in central Texas

Video reveals crimson truck driving by plot of twister in central Texas

ELGIN, Texas – It turned into admire a scene out of the movie “Twister” when a truck drove by plot of a twister in Central Texas on Monday.

The video above, shot by storm chaser Brian Emfinger of Live Storms Media, reveals a crimson truck driving down a avenue in Elgin, Texas, as it will get blown over onto its facet by a twister. The truck turned into then spun round sooner than getting flipped aid fair actual onto its wheels.

Amazingly, the truck turned into ready to drive away because the twister went on to knock down trees and vitality lines along the avenue.

Storm chaser Marcus Reynolds additionally witnessed the truck’s wild stride and snappily chatted with the 17-300 and sixty five days-outdated driver after the ordeal.

“He turned into incandescent in type of outrage and processing the whole lot,” Reynolds told FOX Weather. Reynolds let the newborn employ his phone to name his people whereas he summoned a shut-by medic to address a cut on the driving force’s arm.

“I assume he both didn’t ogle the twister or didn’t deem it turned into that acquire,” Reynolds acknowledged. “And when the twister hit his automobile, it rolled his automobile three or four times. Fortunately, he turned into solely swish coming out of it other than for a cut on his elbow.”

Reynolds acknowledged here’s his third 300 and sixty five days storm chasing, but this tournament is by a ways the most memorable. 

“(Monday) turned into my first time seeing one thing that ridiculous occur,” he acknowledged. “I turned into speechless afterward.”


Meanwhile, Emfinger acknowledged he witnessed the twister causing rather a bit of damage in Elgin, including destroying a couple of mobile properties and carefully destructive other properties. Now not decrease than one person turned into injured and brought to the clinical institution after their mobile house turned into destroyed.

If you occur to are driving and ogle a twister appealing on your direction, the National Weather Provider advises you to directly pull over to the facet of the avenue and watch safe haven.


If there are sturdy constructions round, enter one and go to its lowest degree without house windows. If no such safe haven is available, find the lowest point on the ground and lie down, masking your head with your hands.

The NWS recommends getting as a ways a ways from your automobile as conceivable in that wretchedness. Strive to assign a ways from areas with trees or other objects that also can find picked up by the twister.

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