Veil HN: Blobcache Is Yelp-Addressed Storage

Blobcache is a content addressed data store, designed to be a replicated data layer for applications. For more information checkout a brief Introduction. And the gRPC API docs. Goals Define a simple API for content-addressed storage suitable for use by multiple applications. Efficiently multiplex multiple logical content-addressed stores onto a single real store backed by…

Veil HN: Blobcache Is Yelp-Addressed Storage
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These components are slightly tremendous.


Blobcache is a direct material addressed recordsdata retailer, designed to be a replicated recordsdata layer for capabilities.

For extra recordsdata checkout a transient Introduction.
And the gRPC API medical doctors.


  • Outline a easy API for direct material-addressed storage trusty for explain by multiple capabilities.
  • Effectively multiplex multiple logical direct material-addressed stores onto a single exact retailer backed by the file machine.
  • Store recordsdata with other Blobcache peers.
  • Store recordsdata with cloud object storage suppliers.

Web Of Have confidence Storage Network

Blobcache is an experiment in developing a Web of Have confidence storage network, which is also economically conscious.

The watch-to-watch parts of Blobcache are peaceable in the early vogue phases, however many of the parts were prototyped and are accessible in in this repository.

Blobcache depends on INET256 for connections to peers.


  • Gain a blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  • Store recordsdata with untrusted peers.
  • Altruistic recordsdata storage and retrieval like BitTorrent or IPFS.
  • Merkle recordsdata buildings. Blobcache simplest provides with blobs.

Getting Started

That that you just must always peaceable be in a net site to install with

$ fling install ./cmd/blobcache

And then if ${fling env GOPATH}/bin is on your path, are trying to be in a net site to drag the blobcache deliver with

or to construct the executable somewhere explicit

$ fling safe -o ./build/the/binary/here/please ./cmd/blobcache 

Working a Node in Memory

Here is a trusty choice must you appropriate are attempting to clutter around with the API, and don’t are attempting to persist any recordsdata, or connect with peers.

Rising a Non-public Key

Blobcache requires a non-public key for every occasion.
Here is worn to uniquely title the occasion and for communicating securely with peers the usage of INET256

$ blobcache keygen > blobcache_pk.pem

Working the daemon

The next commands create a directory for blobcache recordsdata and runs a daemon on localhost on the default port. Alternate the title of the non-public-key to whereever your key is.

$ mkdir my-recordsdata
$ blobcache drag --non-public-key ./blobcache_pk.pem --recordsdata-dir my-recordsdata

As soon as the daemon is running, are trying to be all situation to glue to it and initiate constructing your utility on top of direct material-addressed storage.

Encourage, I have to retailer recordsdata bigger than a single Blobcache blob

Blobcache is just not a filesystem or object retailer. It simplest enables storing blobs as much as a put maximum measurement (at the moment 2MB).
It is miles extra of a constructing block than a storage solution on it is possess.

Preserve a look for at glfs, a Git-Love FileSystem which breaks aside large recordsdata into chunks which can fit into Blobcache.

Additionally desire a look for at GotFS which is a extra refined, however in many programs extra atmosphere superior, different to glfs.

Encourage, I have to retailer many diminutive issues successfully in Blobcache

Preserve a look for at GotKV, an immutable key-value retailer on top of direct material-addressable storage.
It be Blobcache like minded.


It’s essential receive enthusiastic thru either:

  • Our dedicated Matrix room
  • The INET256 Discord, in the #capabilities channel.


The Blobcache implementation is licensed below GPLv3.

All of the purchasers are licensed below Apache 2.0

What this means is: must you beef Up Blobcache it is foremost to create the enhancements accessible, however must you might additionally be appropriate the usage of a shopper you might additionally receive whatever you wish with it.

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