Utilizing Hamburger Menus? Strive Sausage Hyperlinks (2019)


When designing medium to large sized menu navigations on the mobile web the default trudge-to, for a whereas now, has been hamburger menus. This isn’t necessarily a disagreeable thing, nonetheless there’s a more straightforward change for definite use cases.

Sooner than we get into the nitty-gritty minute print (and a easy demo) of the sausage hyperlink belief, let’s grab a temporary explore on the mavens and cons of hamburger menus.

The thought that of the hamburger menu isn’t injurious by any system, basically it does solve lots of complications from a visible viewpoint. Sadly, that doesn’t imply it exists with out some traumatic flaws.

The Factual

  • Minimizes the amount visible residence the menu requires
  • Pretty no longer unique now that a suited half of customers be conscious it’s functionality
  • Makes the lives of designers more straightforward by tucking all devices away on mobile 😛

The Execrable

  • Requires additional checking out/work to manufacture definite that the menu will play tremendous with show veil readers and keyboard-fully customers
  • Can get overly complex with the presence of childhood dropdown substances, support text and lots others.
  • Adds bloat to initiatives that would possibly well also require additional JavaScript to render these menus (CSS fully hamburger menus steer clear of this mutter)
  • Adds an additional level of interplay from the user (click to originate, then proceed to read via on hand solutions)

As that you would possibly presumably be taught about, the disagreeable aspects listed above aren’t that disagreeable. I be taught about them more as minor potholes along the UX lunge to your pause-customers. A first rate half of hamburger menu examples in the wild work completely ravishing and would possibly well remain as they are. Nonetheless, these outliers who abuse or misuse the hamburger belief needs to be launched to sausage hyperlinks.

I must aloof commence up by declaring that this belief is removed from fresh. There are a suited change of websites that already implement this menu kind in some get or but another. The level of this submit isn’t to blow your thoughts with some fresh-by no system-knowing-of navigation make. I’m accurate looking out to say awareness to but another on hand menu belief.

Ample chit-chat, let’s grab a see at sausage hyperlinks in action:

Uncover regarding the Pen
Scrolling Navigation (Sausage Hyperlinks)
by Bradley Taunt (@bradleytaunt)
on CodePen.

The above CodePen adds a suited quantity of visible make fluff, so let’s grab a see on the bare minimal HTML & CSS wanted to invent this menu:

/Sausage Hyperlinks Nav Container */
.sausage-hyperlinks {
    pickle:  relative;

/The left and ideal "mild" pseudo substances */
.sausage-hyperlinks:sooner than, .sausage-hyperlinks:after {
    articulate:  '';
    high:  calc(100% - 2em);
    pointer-events:  none;
    pickle:  absolute;
    high:  1em;
    width:  10px;
    z-index:  2;
.sausage-hyperlinks:sooner than {
    background:  linear-gradient(to wonderful, rgba(255,255,255,0) 0%, white 100%);
    wonderful:  0;
.sausage-hyperlinks:after {
    background:  linear-gradient(to left, rgba(255,255,255,0) 0%, white 100%);
    left:  0;

/Classic flexbox to prevent devices from breaking strains */
.sausage-hyperlinks ul {
    notify:  flex;
    flex-wrap:  nowrap;
    overflow:  auto;
    -webkit-overflow-scrolling:  touch;

.sausage-hyperlinks ul li {
    white-residence:  nowrap;

.sausage-hyperlinks ul li a, .sausage-hyperlinks ul li a:visited {
    notify:  inline-block;

Pretty easy, eh?

Replace: Thanks to @dany0w for declaring that I forgot to incorporate -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch for momentum scrolling on iOS.

The Factual

  • Extremely minimal quantity of CSS required
  • Veil reader / keyboard-fully righteous
  • Zero JavaScript wanted
  • No want for hacky hidden radio inputs for toggling guardian containers and lots others.
  • Customers can be taught about first few on hand solutions with none interplay

The Execrable

  • Could perhaps well presumably additionally no longer explore the most visually appealing for definite project designs (gruesome scrollbar in some cases)
  • Better real to minute to medium menu lists in contrast with large sitemaps
  • With out like minded disappear / carve off visible cues, customers would possibly well no longer be conscious they can scroll

That in actuality is counting on your project or total mobile make (I know, one of these purposeful acknowledge). I’m definite there are even a couple of use cases the place it would possibly well possibly fabricate sense to non-public sausage hyperlinks internal a toggle-basically based hamburger menu. The menu prospects would possibly well presumably be never-ending!

That’s it. I am hoping I’ve impressed you to envision out out sausage hyperlinks in the come future or no longer lower than made you watched more deeply about mobile navigation make!

…is anybody else no doubt hungry now?

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