Upcoming modifications to user limits on Free tier of Gitlab SaaS

Upcoming modifications to user limits on Free tier of Gitlab SaaS

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What you prefer to know:

  • The Free tier of GitLab SaaS will non-public a limit of 5 users per namespace foundation June 22, 2022
  • This replace would now not prepare to our other plans: Paid SaaS subscriptions, Free and paid self-managed subscriptions, and Team applications, alongside side GitLab for Training, GitLab for Startups, and GitLab for Open Source

We proceed to gaze for methods to build DevOps a reality for groups and organizations of all sizes. For users to salvage started with DevOps, learn GitLab, and develop non-public and shrimp projects from idea to manufacturing with minimal or no investment, GitLab offers the Free tier. For bigger projects with many users or requiring help, GitLab offers Top class and Best paid tiers. For commence source projects, startups, and tutorial utilization, GitLab offers a role of neighborhood applications tailored to every order consume case.

We are moreover constantly exploring methods to turn out to be extra efficient as a company. To construct dawdle we are in a position to proceed to present the Free tier to shrimp groups, we’re limiting the amount of users per namespace on the Free tier to 5 users. These modifications allow us to speculate extra in analysis and pattern for product innovation of the GitLab DevOps Platform. These modifications:

  • influence fewer than 2% of Free tier users within 0.3% of namespaces
  • carry out now not prepare to paid SaaS subscriptions, Free and paid self-managed subscriptions and individuals of our neighborhood applications – alongside side GitLab for Open Source, Training and Startups users

Subsequent Steps

Organizations impacted by this replace must purchase exhibit of upgrading to a supported paid tier or switching to the self-managed deployment possibility which would now not non-public this limit. GitLab Top class and Best encompass aspects that are a will deserve to non-public for rising groups and sizable scale projects, equivalent to precedence help, progressed CI/CD, progressed permission administration, security, and compliance. These aspects allow businesses to ship sooner without sacrificing fantastic. Delivery a free trial to learn extra about the advantages of those two tiers.

Free tier users the utilization of GitLab for commence source projects must purchase exhibit of creating consume of to the GitLab for Open Source program to non-public the benefit of GitLab Best.


The new user limit on the Free tier of GitLab SaaS will possible be positive on new and new Free tier SaaS namespaces initiating June 22, 2022. If you occur to would cherish beyond regular time to win, purchase exhibit of initiating a free 30 day trial at any time.

More info

Please discuss to the FAQ for added info on these modifications.

Free tier users can construct a thread with their questions/concerns on the residence created within the GitLab Team Forum, which is actively monitored by GitLab team individuals and product managers enthusiastic with this replace.

“To help GitLab SaaS effectivity, @gitlab introduces 5 user limit per namespace on GitLab SaaS Free tier” – Sid Sijbrandij

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