Uncover HN: Ingredient.fyi – use SQL to visualize monetary, crypto and econ datasets

Uncover HN: Ingredient.fyi – use SQL to visualize monetary, crypto and econ datasets

Here is the positive stride-in ever!!

Ingredient is a resounding and free BI platform for merchants, creators and analysts.

Detect neighborhood-built dashboards

Construct on high of others’ work in precisely minutes

Mix info from a lot of sources

Ingredient lets in you to combine info from kindly quality, dispersed info sources and carry them collectively in a single watch.

Use the vitality of SQL to come by outlandish insights

Don’t restrict your self to pre-built views. Cleave, dice, and mix the facts whatsoever you will want.

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Who’s on Ingredient?

Particular particular person Merchants

delight in Alyssa

“I tune how my stocks assassinate relative to every various on a day-to-day, weekly and month-to-month foundation. It helps me attend things in perspective and understand when to prefer movement.”


Swear Creators

delight in Jason

“Ingredient is an never-ending offer of inspiration. It is possible you’ll perhaps come by trending suggestions, effectively timed info, and I will be able to speedy export charts to utilize in my newsletter.”

“I will be able to combine various info sources and bustle analyses speedy moral on the placement. No downloads or info manipulation foremost.”

Leverage mountains of information

Ingredient pulls info from dozens of sources, allowing you to rely upon for:

  1. Historical prices for stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
  2. Macroeconomic indicators delight in CPI and GDP, cash present, and extra.
  3. Energy commodities delight in oil and gas futures.
  4. Historical International substitute procuring and selling info.
  5. Govenment Bond yields.

We’re at the side of fresh datasets on daily foundation. Test out our docs for extra info:


Detect datasets


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