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The turboencabulator (later the retroencabulator and Micro Encabulator) is a fictional electromechanical machine with a effectively-known technobabble-stuffed description, at the muse from a 1944 Students’ Quarterly Journal article by “J. H. Rapidly”: [1]

The fresh machine had a execrable plate of prefabulated amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in this form of methodology that the 2 valuable spurving bearings had been in a advise line with the panametric fan. The latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzlevanes, so superior for the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that aspect fumbling used to be effectively steer clear off. The valuable winding used to be of the customary lotus-o-deltoid form positioned in panendermic semi-boloid slots in the stator, each and every seventh conductor being linked by a nonreversible tremmie pipe to the differential girdlespring on the “up” cease of the grammeters.

The description has change into an in-silly account amongst engineers. Technical documentation has been written for the non-existent machine, and a replace of silly marketing and marketing-style video recordings were made the utilization of the outline as teleprompter textual content material.

Historical previous[edit]

Web content 1 of a 1962 description of a turboencabulator “made” by GE

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Web content 2 of a 1962 description of a turboencabulator “made” by GE

The fresh satirical technical description of the “turbo-encabulator” used to be written by British graduate student John Hellins Rapidly (1923–1991) and printed by the British Institution of Electrical Engineers in their Students’ Quarterly Journal[2] in 1944. The description is also famed by the consulting agency Arthur D. Puny in a 1995 reprint of Rapidly’s description.[3]

The earliest written US source would possibly per chance per chance per chance simply were in 1946, in an Arthur D. Puny Industrial Bulletin. An early current American reference to the turboencabulator looked in an article by New York attorney Bernard Salwen in the April 15, 1946 squawk of Time journal. Fragment of Salwen’s job used to be to establish technical manuscripts. He used to be amused by the jargon and passed on the outline from the Arthur D. Puny pamphlet.[1]

Time got with the gag, that comprises the tool in a 1946 squawk. In conserving with a letter printed in the Might per chance per chance even 6 squawk from W. E. Habig of Madison, N.J. asking “What is a ‘dingle arm’?”, the editors described it as “An adjunct to the turbo-encabulator, employed whenever a barescent skor motion is required.”[4] A month later a response to reader mail on the characteristic looked in the June 3, 1946 squawk:

If the sackful of mail we enjoy got bought from you is any indication, the account of “The Turbo-Encabulator in Change” struck many a responsive chord. Aside from those of you who wanted to be reassured that TIME hadn’t been taken in, we bought the feeble complaints in regards to the utilization of too much technical jargon for the layman, observations similar to “My husband says it appears like a brand unusual motor; I squawk it appears like a dictionary that has been struck by lightning”; suggestions that it “would possibly per chance per chance per chance presumably need come out of the mouth of Danny Kaye,” and plaintive queries like: “Is this factual?” Wrote one bemused U.S. Navyman: “It’sh poshible.” To some the turbo-encabulator sounded as though it will most likely per chance per chance presumably be a “pleasing machine for changing dinky one’s diapers.” A reader from Hoboken assumed that it will most likely per chance per chance presumably be on sale rapidly in New york department retail outlets. Diverse you wrote in to thank us for illuminating what you enjoy lengthy wanted to inform your scientist chums.”[5]

In 1962 a turboencabulator recordsdata sheet used to be created by engineers at the Instrument Department of General Electrical in West Lynn, Massachusetts. It quoted from the old sources and used to be inserted into the General Electrical Handbook,[6] the put it used to be laid out in the identical structure as the opposite pages. Engineers added “Shure Stat” in “Technical Aspects”, which used to be unfamiliar simplest to the Instrument Department, and incorporated the valuable identified graphic illustration of a “manufactured” turboencabulator the utilization of ingredients made at the department.

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Circa 1977, Bud Haggart, an actor who looked in many industrial working in direction of motion photos in and around Detroit, performed in the valuable film realization of the outline and operation of the turboencabulator, the utilization of a truncated script tailored from Rapidly’s article. Haggart contented director Dave Rondot and the film crew to stop after the filming of an precise GMC Vans project working in direction of film to like the turboencabulator predicament.[7]

Around 1988, the Chrysler Company “manufactured” the turboencabulator in a video, with Haggart reprising his role from the GM film.[8] Rockwell Automation “manufactured” the renamed Retro-Encabulator in one more video in 1997 that comprises actor Mike Kraft. On this video, somewhat than a transmission-like tool, Rockwell uses a sequence of electrical wall panels to conceal the personality of its Retro Encabulator.[9] In an interview, Kraft explains the video’s recognition:

It’s correct the truth that so many of us enjoy needed to take a seat down thru so many tutorial/industrial videos that look and sound correct like this one they normally’re tiresome extreme and deadly dead. From the engineers to the entrepreneurs to the distributors, they all enjoy to take hang of in regards to the product in inform to original it to customers, and most ceaselessly meaning having to take hang of your cardinal grammeter out of your girdle spring.[10]

On April Fools’ Day 2013, Hank Inexperienced released a SciShow episode on YouTube entitled “The Retro-Proto-Turbo-Encabulator.”[11]

On April 1, 2016, PATH “offered” the Micro-Encabulator on their YouTube channel as a “unusual sport-changing world effectively being abilities that comprises hydrocoptic miniaturization and good panametric fan alignment.”[12]

In August 2018, Macquarie Telecom released a breeze-off advertisement of the gag, which as a replace ragged telecommunications jargon.[13]

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In April 2020, Viper Innovations continued the gag with a presentation of the “Turbo Encabulator 2.0 with quantic IoT”.[14] In December 2020, the video sport Cyberpunk 2077 incorporated an off-course scannable item known as the “Cyberencabulator”, findable in the course of one speak cease sport mission, with extra than one references to the accepted textual content material, including averted sidefumbling.[15]

In April 2021, Keysight paid homage to the turboencabulator by releasing video in which the “Electro Turbo Encabulator” used to be revealed.[16]

Witness also[edit]


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  1. > It’s just the fact that so many people have had to sit through so many educational/industrial videos that look and sound just like this one and they're dead serious and deadly dull.

    At my first “real” job they had a tradition of 6 months of training.

    When I joined the company they were too busy to hold actual training classes so I watched very old VHS tapes of even older classes…. taught by the engineers who designed the product… for other engineers who also already knew the product.

    It was all Turboencabulator word salad.

    In an infamous moment I’ll never forget an engineer picked up a stack of papers and paged threw it and found his page and held that one page toward the camera (sitting at the back of the room) and “showed” us the code he wrote and asked the camera person to zoom in…..

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