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Body issues - Recommendations - June 21, 2018

TRUTHLAYERS: The Best Traditional INDIAN Ways to get your immunity and digestive system better than ever.

1st : Coconut ash-curd

Take a coconut


And tear off it’s jute* (the brown thread like substance covering the hard layer)

Then take a pot shaped utensil or a terracotta pot and fill the jute inside it and make it burn ,you should burn it till it get formed into grey soft ash.

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Then take a tea strainer and and then put then put the ash inside that strainer and slowly make your hand vibrate, so that the fine particles of the coconut ash can pass through the strainer.what about the bigger particles? Throw them away we don’t need them.

You should take a dose of it daily by taking a pinch of ash in 30-50gms of curd.

2nd. Holy Basil (tulsi) mix powder with ajowan caraway (ajwain).

Take around 50 leaves of tulsi and dry them in dark don’t make them expose to sun ,and take a pinch of ajwain and in a mixer grinder before grinding ensure that the leaves should not have moisture they should be perfectly dried, and grind these both; after grinding ensure that they should be perfectly mix with each other in fine particles.

And then take it as a dose is daily with black salt as per your taste at night before sleeping with a glassful of water.

Please tell us in the comments below is that helpful to you?

For more ways contact us or drop a comment!


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