Top-Tier Podcast Applications That Every Mac User Should Have

Top-Tier Podcast Applications That Every Mac User Should Have

Podcasts have been around for quite some time now. Over the years, there has been a steady rise in the audience of podcasts. As of now, there are thousands of creators who have their own podcasts and shows. Listening to podcasts has numerous benefits. It significantly helps in reducing screen time and helps us avoid the bias of news channels and other mainstream media sources. It also helps us gain knowledge about any topic. There are numerous podcast applications available for all major platforms. In this article, we will take at some of the best podcast applications that every Mac user should have on their system. Let us get into it:

  • Spotify 

We cannot talk about podcasts and not mention the name of Spotify. Even though Spotify is majorly known as a music streaming platform, it offers an extensive range of podcasts to its users. There is a Spotify application available for Mac users. The app is very well-designed and has a dedicated section for Podcasts, making it very convenient for users to browse through different categories of podcasts. According to TechCrunch, Spotify is currently working on updating the layout of its Podcast feed. It will reportedly make it easier for users to find the podcasts that could interest them. To search for new podcasts on the Spotify app, you need to navigate to the “Browse” section. The application creates the perfect balance between music and podcasts for users, i.e., by using a single app, users can listen to whatever they want. 

  • Mimir

If you are searching for an alternative to the native podcast app for macOS, Mimir is an exceptional podcast application you can consider. It is a feature-packed desktop application that allows users to find, manage and listen to their favorite podcast shows. The famous podcast application recognizes the kind of podcasts you like and creates a carefully-curated list of new podcasts that you may find interesting. Using the application’s robust search feature, you can look up any podcast you want. Its “Now Playing” sidebar provides you with controls you can use to switch between episodes, manage your playlist, and drag-or-drop files. The best feature of the Mimir app is that it skips the silent part present in any podcast episode, and therefore, you enjoy a very smooth experience using the app. 

  • Podcasts

‘Podcasts’ is Apple’s native podcast application that came into existence because the company decided to split its infamous “iTunes” app into three categories, namely Podcasts, Apple Music, and AppleTV. Since it is Apple’s native podcast app, Podcasts offers seamless integration with macOS features. Using the “Browse” section, you can go through an extensive collection of podcasts and discover new ones that pique your interest. The application’s Library allows you to manage, organize and sort podcasts as per your preferences. You can opt to subscribe to premium content by paying a subscription charge. It is a good app you can consider using if you do not have fancier requirements. 

  • Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is yet another tremendous third-party application for you if you want to listen to podcasts. It is a paid podcast application that brings numerous interesting podcast-based features to your Mac. The premium version of the application offers cloud storage space, playback capabilities for music, options to store your favorite podcasts offline on your Apple Watch, and many more features. It sports a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, managing your podcasts using the Pockets Casts’ macOS app is very convenient. If you are okay with opting for a paid podcast application, you can consider getting Pocket Casts for your Mac. 

  • Downcast

Downcast is another macOS-compatible podcast application that enhances your podcast-listening experience. You can effortlessly search for podcasts and subscribe to them using the application. It also offers you an option to add a podcast using a URL feed. You can use the settings to skip past the first few ad-integrated seconds of your favorite podcast show’s episode. Similarly, you can automatically end any episode early to bypass ads or boring outros. The best part is – you only need to pay a one-time fee to use the application, i.e., there are no monthly or annual subscription charges. If you are someone who uses Apple devices only and does not require a web version, Downcast is one of the best podcast applications available for macOS. 

All of the podcast apps mentioned above are great for your Mac. However, most of the features that most podcast applications feature are the same. Hence, it would be best to opt for a podcast application that offers you extra features that you find helpful. For instance, every app provides you with an option to create playlists but not every application cuts out silent parts of a podcast. Therefore, research thoroughly before choosing the right podcast app for your Mac.



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