This Question Boggles Everyone! Q.”If humans can’t see air, can fish see water?But since humans can see water can fish see air?”


Can They See What You See?

This question was brought to my attention by my cousin,the question is, Q.”If humans can’t see air, can fish see water?But since humans can see water can fish see air?”

Ans. A meaningful answer given by: Blabberer via Medium.

Nobody can see air because its composition is not dense enough, you can however see it when a tornado occurs as it gathers up everything from the surrounding thus adding denser things to its composition. Now to think whether fishes can see water. First question, can you see water?

image via unsplash

No. Technically you can’t. If you were to take 2 glass cubes and fill one up with water up to the brim then observe them both from the side, you can’t see anything inside the cube in both the cases, this means you can see neither water nor air. However, you can identify which one contains water due to the difference in refractive index of water and air. Due to this difference, the light passing through the water filled cube is refracting in a different way and your experience with liquids throughout your life has already conditioned you to conclude that such refractions imply a liquid. You can also see reflections here but these would be mainly due to the glass cube and hence it won’t be of much help. Can you see water on land? No you can’t, you look at the reflections and refractions passing through the water and conclude its water, you can however be wrong in such conclusions when you are driving on an inclined road on a hot day or in deserts, Mirage. So what have we concluded so far? That the human eye cannot really see water or air.

Now, When we Come to the topic of fishes, do they see water or not? then its answer is- given by sarahben on steemit.

fishes cant see water.- image via unsplash

The brain tries to filter out vision obstacles like a nose or filter out or constant vision noise like air. Our brains filter air, so anything with similar information, like air, will be filtered. Same with white noise, body noise, and smells. The brain filters this information to save processing power to focus and survive.

Seeing air, we can’t use color as reference information for it, so we use refractive indexes. Water has a slightly higher refractive index than air, so we can interpret it.

The answer is no. They do not see, taste, hear or smell water because it is a constant environment noise.


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