The win is fucked

I possess one thing to expose you, dear reader. The win is fucked. It’s a sad scenario that we’re in – gone are the times of Web 1.0 where the smartly-liked-or-garden non-public weblog and the likes of GeoCities reigned supreme.

As an replace we’ve been left with Web 1.0’s crude stays where centralisation, monopolies and tracking are the account for of the day.

It’s shit.

The Web has been monetised by social media, by wide tech, by engines like google and yahoo. Fuck, it’s been monetised by pretty great everyone. Your whole thought of netizens and a community across the win, from the slack 90s and early 00s, were misplaced to the sands of time.

Over again, it’s shit.

Here’s my manifesto; a warning to everyone who makes use of the win. It’s fucked and it’s now not gonna alternate.

Boom material warning: If you hadn’t noticed already, this manifesto is now not only right for work because it contains curse phrases in some unspecified time in the future of.

What became once Web 1.0?

I remark a beautiful set to originate up will most certainly be with some context. If you weren’t a consumer of the Web abet within the 90s and 00s, then you definately’re now not going to know what Web 1.0 became once.

Briefly, it became once beautiful. Many folk had non-public net sites, in total printed on GeoCities, where exploring the win became once a fun droop that became once now not fuelled by algorithms.

Geocities homepage circa 1999
GeoCities homepage circa 1999

You may well maybe well bring collectively all kinds of websites, about all kinds of issues. Seo didn’t exist. Fuck, there were no engines like google and yahoo within the early days.

If you wanted to search out one thing, you had to navigate your plot to it and that became once all section of the fun. There’s a motive it’s called browsing the win and that venerable browsers, esteem Netscape Navigator, had a nautical theme.

You were the captain of a ship, sailing aimlessly thru the wilds of the Web. Infrequently you are going to fall anchor and cease to stumble for your whole substantial vow material that netizens were inserting out into the enviornment.

Whilst you had carried out, you are going to tug up the anchor and carry in your droop of discovery for extra substantial vow material.

You wouldn’t hit a search, bring collectively one thing you wanted to read, then leave. That’s too surgical. Too casual. It became once a community. We were netizens.

I fondly be unsleeping perusing Web 1.0 and reading anything from blogs about The Simpsons, to very non-public updates, and the entirety in between. GeoCities neighbourhoods were substantial fun to plow thru and be taught about all kinds of stuff.

It very great became once NOT shit.

Web 1.0 discover

Websites of this day have a tendency to possess a examine a tried and examined paradigm by plot of discover. Fantastic, things differ a minute, but it with out a doubt’s in total the same script:

  • About a colours with substantial amounts of white teach
  • A header that features a hamburger menu
  • Mahoosive facets photography
  • Ridiculously substantial and over-sophisticated frameworks
  • The whole JavaScript
  • The whole tracking
  • The whole adverts
  • Presumably, true possibly, some helpful vow material

Attend within the times of Web 1.0, net discover (ought to you may well maybe well name it that) became once very assorted to how it’s this day. Scrolling marquees, blinking text, your whole GIFs. It became once substantial fun!

CSS became once silent in its infancy, so we couldn’t operate your whole frosty stuff we are capable of operate this day, which supposed people had to imagine outdoor the box. Fantastic, accessibility became once pretty low down the people’s priorities (read: now not there the least bit) but one of the most critical designs were amazing, strange and most of all, engrossing.

GeoCities Example

GeoCities Example

GeoCities Example

Stumble on at these beautiful manifestations of 90s net discover! Quite pretty assorted from the cookie-cutter discover of this day, honest right?

Lucky for us, there are silent some substances of the Web which will most certainly be weirdly very honest right and wildly whimsical.

The smartly-liked-or-garden net dialogue board

Web 1.0 wasn’t true about non-public blogs, GeoCities and scrolling marquees. Oh no, dear reader. We had our have faith version of social media abet within the day – the net dialogue board.

They were extra special pieces of tool that allowed communities to return collectively, focus on instruct issues and in total cling around.

Anyone who gentle a net dialogue board for any dimension of time is prone to reminisce fondly about their time there, and regarding the chums they with out a doubt made.

Forum example

Boards possess stood the take a look at of time and silent exist this day. I actually in total frequent the Royal Enfield owners dialogue board.

Fantastic, boards are pretty of assorted this day, and adverts possess managed to sneak their plot in. However that’s in total to bolster the maintenance of the boards, in preference to to milk their customers for substandard amounts of earnings. Which is k with me as long as they’re non-intrusive.

We were utterly contented. We had our non-public blogs, our win neighbourhoods and our community boards. The win, version 1.0, became once a fun and engrossing set to be. However…

Then got right here Web 2.0

Here’s where things all originate up to gallop to rat shit. Web 2.0 is when a shift to social media and interactive platforms got right here about.

As an replace of having engrossing vow material creators sharing their experiences and info on their non-public blogs, guestbooks and boards, we began to gallop searching for out photography of people’s lunch, political and social hyperbole and a full load of different shit to boot.

The original Facebook homepage
The contemporary Facebook homepage

The upward thrust of social media flipped vow material advent on its head. As an replace of deliberately rising and enhancing vow material for static sites, people were now empowered to fleet and with out complications vomit their passing thoughts out to the enviornment.

On the face of things, this would well sound substantial. Social media became once empowering people to with out complications fabricate vow material online. It became once allowing any individual with an Web connection to possess a whisper.

The scenario right here, dear reader, is that social media became once by no plot about empowering people. It became once all about one thing…


All that time you employ reading about that individual from college you’ve by no plot spoken to, you’re being tracked esteem a motherfucker.

Facebook is by a ways the worst culprit for this. Within the occasion that they wanted to, these fuckers may well maybe well expose how sinful your shit smells. However why your whole tracking? Successfully, again it comes the total plot down to at least one thing…cash.

They observe you to permit them to use your info to point out extra focused adverts on their platform. By having highly focused adverts, you’re extra prone to click; and ought to you’re extra prone to click, they manufacture extra cash.

Trace Zuckerberg doesn’t give two shits about your privacy – ought to you’re a Facebook consumer, try to be reconsidering your life picks.

Fuck engines like google and yahoo

Although Zuckerberg and his merry band of wankers possess a lot to answer for, the loss of life of net 1.0 and the smartly-liked-or-garden non-public weblog is now not their fault alone. Search performs an immense section in this shit display too.

Attend within the day, engines like google and yahoo were rudimentary at most engrossing, but they’ve since grown into these Goliaths were even Google doesn’t if truth be told label how their shit works.

In many ways this is pretty, as we discover a ways extra pretty search outcomes. However there are two critical complications with this…

Within the initiating, as with social media, it’s all about cash. The smartly-liked-or-garden non-public weblog is in total now not renowned of search rankings, and is replaced by company entities who possess teams of people on-hand that may well maybe well manipulate the hunt rankings to their will.

Here’s is conception as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) within the industry.

The 2nd scenario is that ensuing from of your whole aforementioned tracking, your Google search outcomes transform an echo chamber. You look for, Google learns as you search and the extra info you feed it, the extra “pretty” the implications transform for you.

Try it yourself, operate a Google quiz one thing alongside with your traditional browser. Then download the TOR browser and take a look at out the same search again. I scream the implications may well maybe be assorted.

It’s a double whammy. Corporate net position owners are manipulating outcomes so that you simply’re extra prone to gallop searching for out his or her shitty listicle posts in preference to exact usable vow material that has been written by somebody competent.

So that you simply may well maybe add insult to injury, Google will most certainly be manipulating the implications essentially based utterly mostly on the shit tonne of info they’ve on you.

With all of this manipulation of outcomes, you’re prone to discover the implications you assume you want, but you’re now not going to discover the most engrossing outcomes.

You may well maybe well write the exact, most suggested put up on any given topic, but if it isn’t “search engine optimised” this may well by no plot look for the sunshine of day.

Even ought to you operate discover your SEO juice true honest right, there’s silent a probability that your put up wouldn’t seem at the head of the hunt rankings. Make why, dear reader? You guessed it…MONEY!

Fantastic, it’s that gentle chestnut again. The moolah. The green. The Benjamins. Stumble on at the examples below. On Google your full fucking net page above the fold is adverts. DuckDuckGo is a minute higher, and they also’re also extra non-public.

Google Ads in results

DuckDuckGo Ads in results

All of this has successfully killed off the smartly-liked-or-garden non-public weblog. Private blogging isn’t ineffective yet, but it with out a doubt’s extremely sophisticated to prevail in any traction with a weblog within the intervening time.

Google et al where speculated to manufacture vow material discovery more straightforward. What the fuck came about?

Don’t fuck yourself

Here’s all very negative, so let’s inject some positivity into this shit display, lets? The win is fucked that’s a reality, but there are silent ways you may well maybe well rob Web 1.0 and sprinkle it with pretty of Web 2.0 so that you simply may well maybe well use it to your advantage.

I’m now not announcing you may well maybe well silent steer clear of all social media – that shit’s pretty great now not doable within the intervening time and is reserved mainly for social pariahs.

You may well maybe well possibly have which social platforms you utilize and use them so that it’s carried out in a healthy plot. Listed below are some methods:

  • Salvage the fuck off Facebook. That shit is a most cancers.
  • Stumble on for decentralised alternatives, esteem Mastodon.
  • Destroy your dopamine addiction and turn off all notifications from social media. This form you take a look at it within the occasion it’s essential to, rather then when it tells you to.
  • Familiarise yourself with POSSE and manufacture your position the single source of reality in your whole online vow material.

Discovering Web 1.0 vow material in a Web 2.0 world

GeoCities is long gone. It’s ineffective, Jim. However there are silent ways of discovering netizen generated vow material, despite your whole shit I’ve written about above.

Neocities is a recent day implementation of GeoCities and it’s chock corpulent of a substantial sites that may well maybe well possibly possess fit properly into the Web of the 90s and 00s.

Neocities website browser

Correct esteem on GeoCities, you may well maybe well dart up your have faith position with out spending a dime, and for a mere $5/month you may well maybe well possess things esteem a custom domain and so forth. It’s substantial.

If it’s essential to discover if truth be told nostalgic, there are even pages on Neocities which will most certainly be much like GeoCities neighbourhoods.

If Neocities isn’t your thing and it’s essential to gape extra contemporary non-public blogs (esteem mine) then I obtained you lined there too. Sites esteem Weblog Surf and can encourage you gape some substantial non-public sites.

Also look for for a blogroll on non-public websites you bump into. If you have faith a net position, add a blogroll to your position. This can encourage people gape vow material you revel in with out the need for Google’s gaggle of gobshites.

What about Web 3.0?

Don’t fear, we’re getting with regards to full now people, but I needed to fleet touch upon Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. If you don’t know what these are; the Metaverse is what that dickhead Zuckerberg is pushing with Meta and Web 3.0 is mainly inserting your whole things on blockchain.

Yeah, fuck that. Fuck blockchain. Fuck Meta. Fuck Zuck the schmuck. That’s all I should pronounce about that.

Fuck this

I’m carried out. There you may well maybe well possess got it. That’s my manifesto about how fucked the win is. Stumble on, we are capable of by no plot discover the win of gentle abet. Let’s be pretty, it wasn’t correct either. The win of this day is extra accessible, extra dynamic and pretty great a cornerstone of our society.

So long as we use the win with our eyes originate and take a look at out to rob abet of the few positives it silent offers, it may well maybe well now not be that sinful.

However, the win may well maybe be utterly and utterly fucked and it’s handiest gonna discover worse. One thing is for particular, if Zuck the crook has anything to operate with Web 3.0, things will with out a doubt discover worse.

If it’s essential to expose me your thoughts on this whole wide shit display, please feel free to discover in contact.

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