The use of WebScript

The use of WebScript


WebScript is the WebObjects scripting language. It’s straightforward and straight forward to learn. You utilize it to write the good judgment of utility, session, and part objects in WebObjects. This chapter describes WebScript and the way in which it matches into the WebObjects utility.

Desk of Contents

The WebScript Language

Declaring Variables

The identity Files Form

Making Assignments

Messaging in WebScript

Rising Objects

Writing Your Non-public Suggestions

What is self?


Scripted Classes

“Popular” WebScript Syntax

The use of WebScript in a WebObjects Application

The Feature of Scripts in a WebObjects Application

Guests Instance

The Length of a Direct

Variables and Scope

Variables and Scope: a Abstract

Gaining access to and Sharing Variables

WebScript Language Abstract

A Present to Procedure-C Developers

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Object-Oriented Ideas: a Fleet Overview

What Are the Origins of WebScript?

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