The leader who’s standing up to China

The leader who’s standing up to China

T-DAY: The Fight for Taiwan

“This is Tsai Ing-wen, always proving herself in the quietest device.”Tsai Ing-wen

“We didn’t oppose her expose to flee, however she furthermore didn’t ignite ardour from supporters.”Yao Chia-wen, a senior adviser to President Tsai

“She wasn’t doughty adequate to chat about Taiwan independence and Taiwan’s strive in opposition to in opposition to China”Yao Chia-wen, senior adviser to Tsai

“It modified into a controversial danger all around the DPP. If not for Tsai or (Premier) Su Tseng-chang, no one else could fill executed it”Jennifer Lu, a prominent activist on the motivate of the years-lengthy push for marriage equality

“Tantalizing Taiwanese sister”A nickname that grew to alter into standard after Tsai pushed motivate in opposition to Xi’s unification speech in 2019

Tsai, most frequently pictured in uniform and photographed next to soldiers, is main a essential militia form-up.

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