The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences

The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences

[Content Warning: Trying to understand the contents of this essay may be mind-warping. Proceed with caution. Featured image credit: Paul Nylander]

Traffic, honest right here and now, one quantum away, there could be raging a universe of involving intelligence that’s transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien.

—Terence McKenna

The Geometry of DMT States

Here’s an essay on the phenomenology of DMT. The prognosis right here presented predominantly uses algorithmic, geometric and recordsdata-theoretic frameworks, which distinguishes it from purely phenomenological, symbolic, neuroscientific or non secular accounts. We originate now not claim to know what within the atomize implements the outcomes right here described (i.e. in mild of the substrate distress of consciousness), however the prognosis does now not must accelerate there in uncover to procure explanatory vitality. We posit that one can fable for a giant differ of (curiously various) phenomena original on DMT-precipitated states of consciousness by describing the total modifications within the geometry of 1’s spatiotemporal representations (what we are in a position to call “world-sheets” i.e. 3D + time surfaces; 3D1T for instant). The concrete hypothesis is that the network of subjective measurements of distances we journey on DMT (coming from the relationships between the outstanding objects one experiences in that bid) has an total geometry that can accurately be described as hyperbolic (or hyperbolic-fancy). In diversified words, our inside 3D1T world grows bigger than is doable to match in an experiential area with 3D Euclidean out of the ordinary home (i.e. an journey of dimension R2.5 representing an R3 scene). This results in out of the ordinary areas, surfaces, and objects acquiring a mean antagonistic curvature. Of demonstrate is that even even supposing DMT produces this discontinuance within the most consistent and intense method, the discontinuance is also original in states of consciousness precipitated by tryptamines and to a lesser extent in those precipitated by all diversified psychedelics.

Conceptual Framework: Algorithmic Reduction

We can expend the reduction framework originally proposed within the article Algorithmic Reductions of Psychedelic States. This method that we are going to be inspecting how algorithms and processes (as skilled by a topic of journey) can demonstrate the dynamics of of us’s phenomenology in DMT states. We originate now not claim “the substrate of consciousness” is changing into hyperbolic in any literal sense (even supposing we originate now not discard that likelihood). Reasonably, we elaborate the hyperbolic curvature that procure acquires whereas on DMT as an emergent discontinuance of a chain of additional long-established mechanism of trudge that can work collectively to commerce the geometry of a thoughts. These same mechanisms of trudge govern the dynamics of diversified psychedelic experiences; it is the percentage and depth of the numerous “long-established” results that lead to the diversified outcomes seen. In diversified words, the hyperbolization of out of the ordinary home could perhaps also now not be a foremost discontinuance of DMT, but rather, it is also an emergent discontinuance of additional straightforward results blended (now not unlike how our apparently tender macroscopic home-time emerges from the jittery yet foremost interactions that happen in a itsy-bitsy high-dimensional quantum foam).

Namely, we are in a position to discuss three candidate units for a extra foremost algorithmic reduction: (1) the synergistic discontinuance of relieve an eye fixed on interruption and symmetry detection ensuing in a commerce of the metric of out of the ordinary home (analogously to systems to measure the geometry of hyperbolic graph embeddings), (2) the thoughts as a dynamic machine with vitality sources, sinks and invariants, wherein curvature stores doable vitality, and (3) a commerce within the underlying curvature of the micro-structure of consciousness. These units are now not mutually-uncommon, and in addition they can prove to be like minded. Extra on this later.

What is Hyperbolic Geometry?

Perhaps the clearest device to describe hyperbolic home is to demonstrate examples of it:


Internal a hyperbolic cube

In hyperbolic 3D home dodecahedra can procure honest corners.

The report to the left shows a representation of a “saddle” surface. In geometry, saddle surfaces are 2-dimensional hyperbolic areas (also called “hyperbolic planes” or H2). For a surface to procure “fixed curvature” it must discover the same at every level. In diversified words, for a saddle to be a geometric saddle, every level in it must be a “saddle level” (i.e. a level with antagonistic curvature). As it’s worthwhile to well leer, saddles procure the property that the angles of a triangle found in them add in the past not up to 180 levels (evaluate that to surfaces with obvious curvature much like the 2-sphere, wherein the angles of a triangle add up to bigger than 180 levels). Generalizing this to elevated dimensions, the heart image above shows a cube in H3 (i.e. a hyperbolic home of three dimensions). This cube, since it’s in hyperbolic home, has skinny edges and pointy corners. Extra in total, the corners of a polyhedra (and polytopes) shall be extra pointy in Hn than they’re in Rn. Here’s why it’s worthwhile to well leer within the honest image a dodecahedron with honest-angled corners, which in this case can tile H3 (cf. Now now not Knot). This form of part- of us of the previous could perhaps say- is an insult to the creativeness. Cases are changing, even supposing, and hyperbolic geometry is now a suitable topic of dialog.

An awfully valuable property of hyperbolic areas is the fashion wherein the home of a circle (or the n-dimensional quantity of a hypersphere) will increase as a honest of its radius. In 2D Euclidean home the home grows quadratically with the radius. However on H2, the home grows exponentially as a honest of the radius! As it’s worthwhile to perhaps also imagine, it’s easy to score lost in hyperbolic home. A few steps score you to a wholly diversified scene. Extra so, your influence over the ambiance is drastically diminished as a honest of distance. Let’s say, the habitable plot of photograph voltaic systems in hyperbolic areas (i.e.the Goldilocks zone) is amazingly skinny. In uncover to score far flung from getting burned or freezing to loss of life it’s worthwhile to perhaps must space your planet inside a extremely narrow distance differ from the heart superstar. Most of what you originate in hyperbolic home either stays as local news or is readily dissipated in an ever-increasing ambiance.

We Can Fully Keep in mind What We Can Reconstruct

We are in a position to now not journey H2 or H3 manifolds below long-established circumstances, but we are in a position to no now not up to signify some aspects of them through partial embeddings (i.e. instantiations as subsets of diversified areas conserving properties) and projections into extra acquainted geometries. It is compulsory to demonstrate that such representations will necessarily be unsuitable. As it turns out, it’s notoriously powerful to if truth be told embed H2 in Euclidean 3D home, since doing so will necessarily distort some properties of the fresh H2 home (much like distance, angle, home, local curvature, etc.). As we are in a position to discuss additional below, this distress turns out to be compulsory for belief why DMT experiences are so powerful to bear in mind. In uncover to bear in mind the journey you’d like to make a devoted and memorable 3D Euclidean embedding of it. Thus, if one occurs to journey a hyperbolic object and desires to bear in mind as noteworthy of it as doable, one will must mediate strategically about fold, crunch and deform such object so that it can even be match in compact Euclidean representations.

What about DMT suggests hyperbolic geometry?

Why must we have that out of the ordinary home on DMT (and to a lesser extent on diversified psychedelics) turns into hyperbolic-fancy?  We can argue that the aspects of us expend to describe their trips in addition to concrete mathematical observations of such aspects level straight to hyperbolic geometry. Here’s a listing of such aspects (organized from least to most suggestive
 you recognize, for dramatic discontinuance):

  1. Thought of far-out hasten (as we acknowledged, microscopic actions in hyperbolic home lead to immense modifications within the scene).
  2. Feelings of fixing into extensive (it’s worthwhile to well match noteworthy extra inside a circle of radius r in hyperbolic home).
  3. The home skilled is on the total depicted as “extra valid and further dense than long-established”.
  4. Using terms fancy “thoughts-increasing” and “warping” to describe the outcomes of the drug are very long-established.
  5. Contributors describing it as “a sure roughly home” and regularly using the notice “hyperspace” to discuss it.
  6. Difficulty integrating/remembering the objects and scenes skilled (e.g. “they were too alien to desire”).
  7. Fixed trudge/acceleration and commerce of views that are on the total described as “unfolding scenes and increasing patterns” (cf. the chrysanthemum, jitterbox).
  8. Steady commerce of the scene’s context through coast routes: A door that results in a labyrinth that results in branching underground tunnels that lead to reflect rooms that lead to unending home windows, and the one you score main you to a temple with thirty seven gates which lead you to a kale salad world etc. (example).
  9. Crowding of scene beyond the bounds of Euclidean home (users regularly questioning “How became after I in a position to examine so noteworthy in my thoughts? I don’t leer any home for my journey to examine in right here!”)
  10. Reported similarity with fractals.
  11. Omnipresence of saddles making up the structural constraints of the hallucinated scenes. Let’s say, one on the total hears about experiencing scenes saturated with: joints, twists, bifurcations, bent alleys, knots, and double helixes.
  12. Taking a glimpse at self-a similar objects (much like cauliflowers) can score you lost in what appears fancy unending home. (Point to: beware of the skill aspect results of taking a glimpse at a cauliflower on DMT*).
  13. PSIS-fancy experiences the build aside of us seem to journey multiple different outcomes from each occasion at the same time (this is also the tip results of “hyperbolic branching” through time in preference to home).
  14. Psychedelic replication shots on the total consist of aspects that can even be interpreted as hyperbolic objects embedded in Euclidean 3D.
  15. Contributors describe “incredibly evolved mechanisms” and “now not doable objects” that can now not be represented in our unique truth (e.g. Terence Mckenna’s self-dribbling basketballs).
  16. No now not up to one mathematician has acknowledged that what one experiences on DMT can now not be translated into Euclidian geometry (unlike what one experiences on LSD).
  17. We got a chain of systematic DMT day out-experiences by a math enthusiast and skilled psychonaut who claims that the surfaces skilled on DMT are in total still of hyperbolic tilings (which imply a antagonistic curvature; cf. wallpaper teams).

This article goes beyond claiming a mere connection between DMT and hyperbolic geometry. We can be extra bid by addressing the aspects of the journey that can even be interpreted geometrically. To originate so, let us now turn to a phenomenological description of the fashion DMT experiences on the total unfold:

The Phenomenology of DMT experiences: The 6 Stages

In uncover to proceed we are in a position to give an fable of a conventional vaporized DMT journey. You furthermore mght can mediate of the following six sections as stages or phases of a DMT hasten. Let me demonstrate. The final notice level you score to is dependent on the dose consumed, and in high doses one experiences the total phases, one at a time, and in like a flash succession (i.e. on high doses these phases are perceived as the stages of the journey). If one takes merely ample DMT to defective over to the final notice level one reaches for the length of the hasten for only a like a flash second, then that level will maybe be described as “the height of the journey”. If, on the diversified hand, one takes a dose that squarely falls throughout the milligram differ for producing a given level, this could perhaps be felt as extra of a “plateau”. Each level is sufficiently sure from the others that folks will rarely ever accelerate over the transitions between them.

The six phases of a DMT journey are: Threshold, Chrysanthemum, Magic Stare, Ready Room, Step forward, and Amnesia. Enable us to dive in!

(Point to: The following description assumes that the self-experimenter is in proper physical and mental health at the time of ingesting the DMT. It’s neatly known that antagonistic states of consciousness can lead to incomprehensible hellscapes when “boosted” by DMT (please relieve far flung from DMT in any recognize costs whereas you is also below the influence of alcohol, sorrowful, angry, suicidal, mopish, etc.). The beefy geometry is simply favored on a mentally and emotionally balanced space and settings.)

(1) Threshold

The very first alert of something phenomenal going down could perhaps also score between 3 to 30 seconds after inhaling the DMT, reckoning on the dose consumed. In space of a sure sensorial or cognitive commerce, the very first set aside is a commerce within the monstrous ambiance of 1’s environment. You realize how on occasion must you enter a temple, an work museum, a crowd of of us, and even favorable a neatly adorned restaurant it’s worthwhile to well summary an undefinable yet clearly original “vibe of the space”? There’s nothing overt or bid about it. The ambiance of a local is extra of an total gestalt than a localized feeling. An ambiance one method or the other encodes information about the social, ideological and aesthetic tremendous of the space or neighborhood you favorable crashed into, and it tells you at a glimpse which moods are socially acceptable and which of them are discouraged. The bid DMT vibe you are feeling on a given session can be undoubtedly one of 1,000,000 diversified flavors. That acknowledged, whether you are feeling much like you entered a circus or joined a non secular ceremony, the very first set aside of a DMT journey is however consistently (or nearly consistently) accompanied with an total feeling of significance. The sensation that something valuable is about to happen or is going on is made manifest by the vibe of the bid. This vibe is on the total original for no now not up to the first 150 seconds or so of the hasten. Interestingly, the commerce in ambiance is shorter-lived than the day out itself; it appears to head away earlier than the visuals vanish quickly declining once the the height is over.

Within seconds after the commerce in ambiance, one feels a surprising sharpening of the total senses. Some of us describe this as “upgrading one’s journey to an HD model of it”. The level of detail in one’s journey is elevated, yet the total semantic train is serene rather intact. Contributors say things fancy: “Truth round me appears extra crisp” and “it’s fancy I’m if truth be told greedy my environment, you recognize? fully in tune with the smallest textures of the things round me.” Terence Mckenna described this bid as follows: “The air appears to without notice were sucked out of the room since the total colours brighten visibly, as even supposing some intervening medium has been eliminated.”


2D Chrysanthemum

2.5D Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum with multuple symmetry channels

The visible a part of the Chrysanthemum is on the total described as “the single veil saver ever“, and even as you happen to happen to journey it in an actual mood you’re going to almost undoubtedly accept as true with that description, as it’s on the total extremely harmonious, symmetric and wonderful in uncountable ways. No exterior input can presumably replicate the recordsdata density and intricate symmetry of this bid; such bid must be endogenously generated as a a form of harmonic attractor of your brain dynamics.

You furthermore mght can procure many replications of Chrysanthemum-level DMT experiences on the score, and I support you to peer their implicit symmetries (this replication is undoubtedly one of my all-times licensed).

In Algorithmic Reduction of Psychedelic States we posited that anybody of the 17 wallpaper symmetry teams can even be instantiated as the symmetries that govern psychedelic visuals. Sadly, unlike the in total sluggish evolution of unique psychedelic visuals, DMT’s vibrational frequency forces such visuals to adapt at a tempo that makes it complex for quite lots of of us to position the implicit symmetry formula that give rise to the total mathematical structure below one’s journey. For this motive it has been complex to examine that every person 17 wallpaper teams are doable in DMT states. Thankfully we were honest now not too long ago in a position to ascertain that right here is in truth the case thanks to somebody who trained himself to originate favorable this. I.e. detecting symmetry formula in patterns at an prominent tempo.

An nameless psychonaut (whom we are in a position to call researcher A) sent a chain of day out report to Qualia Computing detailing the mathematical properties of psychedelic visuals below various substances and dose regimens. A is an skilled psychonaut and a math enthusiast who honest now not too long ago trained himself to acknowledge (and title) the mathematical properties of symmetrical patterns (much like in works of work or biological organisms). Namely, he has turn out to be fluent at naming the symmetries exhibited by psychedelic visuals. In the context of 2D visuals on surfaces, A confirms that the symmetrical textures that come up in psychedelic states can demonstrate anybody of the 17 wallpaper symmetry teams. Likewise, he has been in a position to ascertain that every doable spherical symmetry community could perhaps also additionally be instantiated in one’s thoughts on these states.

The photos below demonstrate some examples of the visuals that A has skilled on 2C-B, LSD, 4-HO-MET and DMT (sources: top left, top center, the leisure were made with this service):

The Chrysanthemum level interacts with sensory input in a involving method: the texture of anything one appears to be like at quickly turns into saturated with nested 2-dimensional symmetry teams. Ought to you took ample DMT to score you to this level and you relieve your eyes originate and discover at a patterned surface (i.e. statistical texture), this could perhaps symmetrify beyond recognition. A explains that at this level DMT visuals fragment some qualities with those of, say, LSD, mescaline, and psilocin. Esteem diversified psychedelics, DMT’s Chrysanthemum level can instantiate any 2-dimensional symmetry, yet there are valuable differences from diversified psychedelics at this dose differ. These consist of the consistent commerce in ambiance (already original in threshold doses), the complexity and consistency of the symmetrical relationships (noteworthy extra dense and complete-journey-consistent than is on the total doable with diversified psychedelics), and the tempo (with a relieve an eye fixed on-interruption frequency reaching up to 30 hertz, when put next to 10-20 hertz for quite lots of psychedelics). Thus, of us have a tendency to demonstrate that DMT visuals (at this level) are “sooner, smaller, extra detailed and further globally consistent” than on comparable phases of alteration from a similar brokers.

Now, even as you happen to score a dose that’s a chunk elevated (within the ballpark of 8 to 12 mg), the Chrysanthemum will originate up doing something fresh and engaging

(3) The Magic Stare Stage

A mountainous device to love the Magic Stare level of DMT results is to take into fable the Chrysanthemum as the feel of an autostereogram (colloquially described as “Magic Stare” shots). Our visible journey can even be without considerations decomposed into two facets-of-stare (associated to the feed coming from each analysis) that fragment recordsdata in uncover to resolve the depth-draw distress in vision. Here’s to draw each visible qualia to a condo with relative distances so (a) the input is explained and (b) you score recognizable every-day objects represented as implicit shapes under the depth-draw. You furthermore mght can mediate of this route of as a form of hand-shake between bottom-up perception and top-down modeling.

In everyday prerequisites one solves the depth-draw distress inside a second of opening one’s eyes (minus minor information which is also added as one appears to be like round). However on DMT, the “low-level perceptions” appears to be like fancy a respiration Chrysanthemum, which formula that the stop-down modeling has that “continuously transferring” stuff to play with. What to originate of it? Something it’s worthwhile to well mediate of.

There are three predominant formula of variance on the DMT Magic Stare level:

  1. Texture (dependent on the Chrysanthemum’s evolution)
  2. World-sheet (non-occluding 3D1T depth maps)
  3. Extremely lowered recordsdata copying threshold.

The image on the left is a lobster, the one on the heart is a cone and the one to the honest incorporates furniture (a lamp, a chair and a table). Spy that what you leer is a form of depth-draw which encodes shapes. We can call this depth-draw alongside with the appears to be like of trudge and acceleration represented in it, a world-sheet.


The realm-sheet encodes the “semantic train” of the scene and is qualified of representing arbitrary instances (alongside with information about what you is also seeing, the build aside you is also, what the entities there are doing, what’s going on, etc.).

It’s long-established to journey scenes from on the total mundane-taking a glimpse locations fancy ice-cream stores, play pens, household instances, furniture rooms, attire, etc.. Likewise, one regularly sees entities in these locations, but they rarely ever seem to thoughts you on fable of their world is rather self-contained. As if seeing through a window. Contributors on the total report that the worlds they seen on a DMT day out were all “fabricated from the same part”. This could be interpreted as the feel changing into the surfaces of the area-sheet, so that the surfaces of the tables, chairs, ice-cream cones, the our bodies of the of us, etc are all patterned with the same texture (favorable as in valid autostereograms). This texture is certainly the Chrysanthemum fully contorted to accommodate the total curvature of the scene.

Magic Stare level scenes on the total consist of 3D geometrical shapes fancy spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes, etc. The complexity of the scene is roughly dose-dependent. As one united statesthe highness (but serene final throughout the Magic Stare level) advanced translucid qualia crystals in three dimensions originate up to turn out to be a likelihood.

Whatever out of the ordinary objects you journey on this level that lives for bigger than a millisecond wants to procure fine systems for surviving in an ecosystem of diversified objects tailored to that level. Given the extremely lowered recordsdata copying threshold, in spite of is proper at making copies of itself will originate up to tesselate, mutate and evolve, stealing as noteworthy of your attention as doable within the fashion. Cyclic transitions eradicate one’s attention: objects quickly turn out to be scenes which quickly turn out to be gestalts from which a fresh texture evolves wherein fresh objects are detected etc advert infinitum.


A experiences that at this dose differ one can journey at least some of the 230 home teams as objects represented within the area-sheet. Let’s say, A experiences having stabilized a structure with a Pm-3m symmetry structure, now not unlike the structure of ZIF-71-RHO. Visualizing such advanced 3D symmetries, however, does seem to require old training and high phases of mental focus (i.e. in uncover to make sure that that every person the symmetry formula are certainly what they’re supposed to be).

There is so noteworthy qualia laying round, even supposing, on occasion now not even your long-established home can personal all of it. Any unique or semi unique symmetrical structure you fabricate by specializing in it is inclined to overflow if you level of curiosity too noteworthy on it. What does this mean? Ought to you level of curiosity too noteworthy on, to illustrate, the amount 6, your thoughts could perhaps signify the numerous ways wherein it’s worthwhile to well manage six balls in a wonderfully symmetrical method. Worlds fabricated from hexagons and octahedrons interlocked in advanced but symmetrical ways could perhaps also originate up to tesselate your experiential area. With every second you perceive an increasing number of the way of representing the amount six in engaging, relaxing, metaphorically-sound synesthetic ways (cf. Thinking in Numbers). Now, what occurs even as you happen to strive to signify the amount seven in a symmetric method on the airplane? Neatly, the distress is that it’s worthwhile to perhaps also procure too many heptagons to examine in Euclidean home (cf. Too Many Triangles). Thus the ensuing symmetrical patterns will seem to overflow the airplane (which is on the total felt as a folding and fluid re-affiliation, and when there could be now not any home left in a plot it either expands home or it’s felt as some form of synesthetic tension or stress, fancy a formula of crackling below barely about a tension).

Heptagonal tiling of the Poincaré disk representing the 2D hyperbolic home.

Triheptagonal tiling

Train-7-3 rhombille tiling

Namely, A claims that in the decrease ranges of the DMT Magic Stare level the feel of the Chrysanthemum tends to demonstrate heptagonal and triheptagonal tilings (as confirmed within the image above). A explains that at the severe level between the Chrysanthemum and the Magic Stare phases the depth of the payment of symmetry detection of the Chrysanthemum can now not be contained to a 2D surface. Thus, the outside begins to fold, on the total in semi-symmetric ways. Each time one “acknowledges” an object on this “folding Chrysanthemum” the additional curvature is passed on to this object. As the dose will increase, one interprets an increasing number of of this extra curvature and finally ends up shaping a elaborate and extremely dynamic spatiotemporal depth draw with hyperbolic folds. In the upper ranges of the Magic Stare level the area-sheet is so bent that the scenes one visualize are intricate and colossal, feeling on occasion fancy one is in a position to search out through one’s horizon in all instructions and leer oneself and one’s world from a distance. At some severe level one could perhaps also feel fancy the home round one is folding into a immense dome the build aside the walls are fabricated from in spite of texture + world-sheet combination befell to bewitch the Darwinian decision pressures utilized to the qualia patterns on the Magic Stare level. This concentrated hyperbolic synesthetic texture is what turns into the walls of the Ready Room

(4) Ready Room

In the differ of 12-25mg of DMT a doable final trail build aside is the so-called Ready Room. This journey is popular from the Magic Stare level in numerous ways: first, the area-sheet at this level breaks into several quasi-just formula, each evolving semi-autonomously. 2nd, one goes from “partial immersion” into “beefy immersion”. The transition between Magic Stare and Ready Room on the total appears to be like fancy “discovering a extremely advanced part within the scene and using it as a window into one other dimension”. The total 2D surface curvature original (by adding up the curvature of all formula within the scene) is substantially elevated than that of the Magic Stare level, and one can originate up to search out valid 3D hyperbolic home. Perhaps a formula of describing this transition is as follows: The curvature of the area-sheet gets to be so outrageous that in uncover to accommodate it one’s complete multi-modal experiential area turns into fervent, and a sense of total and complete synchronization of all senses into a unified synesthetic journey is inescapable (on the total described as the “mmmMMMMMMM+++++!!!” complete-physique tone of us report). Thus the sensation of getting into a wholly fresh dimension. This explains what of us mean when they say: “I skilled such an intense tension that my soul could perhaps also now not be contained in my puny physique, and the intense tension launched me into an even bigger world”.

DMT Ready Room

Changes within the connectivity of the micro-structure of the feel

Fixed waft of interlocking symmetry formula tile the feel.

The photos above, taken collectively, are meant as an impressionistic replication of what a Ready Room journey could perhaps also feel fancy. On the left you leer the textured world-sheet bent in numerous ways ensuing in an enclosed room with sparkling walls and an entity taking a glimpse at a futuristic-taking a glimpse contraption. The photos on the honest are meant to illustrate the ways wherein the feel of the area-sheet evolves: you’re going to procure that the micro-structure of such texture is continuously unfolding in fresh symmetrical ways (bottom honest), and propagating such modifications throughout your complete surface at a placing tempo (top honest).

DMT Ready Rooms personal entities that on occasion originate work collectively straight with you. Their truth is perceived as a noteworthy extra intense and intimate model of what human interplay on the total is, but they originate now not give the impact of being telepathic. That acknowledged, their vitality is felt as within the occasion that in addition they can radiate it. One could perhaps also say that this level of DMT locations you in such an intimate, vulnerable and originate bid that interpreting the entities in a second-particular person social mode is quite inevitable. It’s fancy interacting with somebody you if truth be told know (and even somebody you if truth be told if truth be told must know
 or if truth be told if truth be told don’t must know), apart from that your complete world is fabricated from those feelings and some entities inhabit that world.

Serious powerful-core psychonauts have a tendency to describe the Ready Room as a non eternal stopgap. Certainly extra poetry could perhaps also ever be written about the Ready Room states of consciousness than about most human activities, for its bid-home is larger, extra various and further hedonically loaded. However even so, it is valuable to love that there are even extra unique states. Serious psychonauts exploring the upper ranges of humanly-accessible high vitality consciousness analysis could perhaps also leer Ready Rooms as a stepping stones to the valid deal

(5) Step forward

If one manages to ingest round 20-30mg of DMT there is a good likelihood that one will accomplish a DMT step forward journey (some sources space the dosage as high as 40mg). There is now not such a thing as a agreed-upon definition for a “DMT step forward”, but most skilled users ascertain that there is a qualitative commerce within the structure and feel of 1’s journey on such high doses. Basically based on A’s observations we postulate that DMT breakthroughs are the tip results of an global-sheet with a curvature so outrageous that topological bifurcations originate up to happen uncontrollably. In diversified words, the very topology of 1’s world-sheet is pressured to commerce in uncover to accommodate the total intense curvature.

The geometry of home you journey could perhaps also without notice accelerate from a merely-linked home into something else. What does this mean? All straight away one could perhaps also feel fancy home itself is twisting and reconnecting to itself in advanced (and on the total complex) ways. One could perhaps also procure that given any two facets on this “alien world” there could be also loops between them. This has drastic results on one’s every representation (alongside with, clearly, the self-diversified divide). The actual feeling that incorporates this could perhaps also demonstrate the presence of PSIS-fancy experiences precipitated by DMT and high dose LSD (cf. LSD and Quantum Measurements). For the reason that topological bifurcations are going down on a 3D1T world-sheet, this could perhaps also discover fancy “multiple things going down straight away” or “objects taking multiple non-overlapping paths straight away in uncover to score from one space into one other”. The entities at this level feel transpersonal: attributable to the intense curvature it’s powerful to distinguish between the recordsdata you ascribe to your self-model and the recordsdata you ascribe to others. Thus one is in every single build aside the space, in a literal topological sense.

Whereas on the Ready Room one can stabilize the context the build aside the journey appears to be taking space, on a DMT step forward bid one invariably “strikes across enormous areas, galaxies, universes, realities, etc.” in a fixed uncontrollable method. Why is this? This also can be associated as to whether one can personal the curvature of the objects one attends to. If the curvature is uncontrollable, this could perhaps “accelerate on to the walls” and consequence in fixed “context switches”. If truth be told, such a favorable fragment of 3D home is perceived as hyperbolic in one method or one other, that one appears to procure score admission to to enormous areas of truth at the same time. Thus a formula of radical openness is on the total skilled.

(6) Amnesia Stage

Unlike 5-MeO-DMT, “long-established DMT” experiences are now not in total so thoughts-warping that they dissolve one’s self-model fully. On the different, many of us report DMT as having “surprisingly itsy-bitsy discontinuance on one’s sense of self apart from at very high doses” relative to the total depth of the alteration. Thus, DMT on the total does now not form amnesia attributable to ego loss of life straight. Reasonably, the amnesic properties of DMT at high doses can even be blamed on the distress of instantiating the desired geometry to originate sense of what became once skilled. In the case of doses above “step forward experiences” there could be a likelihood that the user could perhaps now not have the option to desire anything about the most intense periods of the hasten. Sadly, we are now not going to be taught noteworthy from these states (that’s, till we are living in a neighborhood of of us that can score admission to diversified out of the ordinary geometries in a controlled fashion).

Recalling the Immemorial

We postulate that the distress of us procure remembering the outstanding tremendous of a DMT journey is in fragment the tip results of now not being in a position to score admission to the geometry required to accurately relive their hallucinations. The few and far aside formula of the journey that folks originate one method or the other manage to bear in mind, we posit, are of us that happen to be (barely) easy to embed in 3D Euclidean home. Thus, we predict that what of us originate manage to “carry serve” from hyperspace shall be biased in opposition to those things that can even be represented in R3.

This explains why of us bear in mind experiencing intensely saddled scenes (e.g. fractals, tunnels, kale worlds, recursive processes, etc). Sadly most recordsdata-filthy rich and engaging (irreducible, high) out of the ordinary objects one experiences on DMT are by their very nature now not doable to embed in our long-established experiential geometry. This distress unearths an intrinsic limitation that comes from living in a neighborhood of intelligences (i.e. up-to-the-minute people) who are constrained within the differ of bid-areas of consciousness that they’ll score admission to. This realization requires a fresh epistemological paradigm, one which incorporate bid-bid representations into a globally accessible database of states of consciousness, alongside with the network that emerges from their mutual (in)intelligibility.

DMT Objects

The elevated curvature of 1’s world-sheet can manifest in unending ways. In some valuable ways, the bid-home of doable scenes that it’s worthwhile to perhaps be journey on DMT is noteworthy bigger than what it’s worthwhile to well journey on long-established states of consciousness. Strictly talking, it’s worthwhile to well signify extra scenes on DMT states than in most diversified states since the total quantity qualia available is noteworthy bigger. In spite of all the pieces the very dynamics of those experiences constrains what’s going to also be skilled, so there are serene many things inaccessible on DMT. As an illustration, it is also now not doable to journey a wonderfully uniform blue veil (for the reason that Chrysanthemum texture is saturated with edges, surfaces and symmetrical patterns). Likewise, scenes which is also too irregular is also now not doable to stabilize given the omnipresent symmetry enhancement found within the bid.

What are the nature of the objects and entities one experiences on DMT? Magic Stare level experiences have a tendency to consist of objects which is also on the total found in our everyday existence. It’s at the DMT ready room level and above that the “if truth be told now not doable objects” originate up to emerge. Namely, all of those objects are on the total bent in outrageous ways. They condense inside them advanced networks of interlocking constructions sustaining an total superlative curvature. Listed below are some example objects that one can journey on Ready Room and Step forward level experiences:

Spy that every undoubtedly one of those pictures procure many saddles in every single space. In the atomize, the differ of objects one can journey on such states contains many different aspects which is also now not doable to signify in R3. The objects that folks originate manage to carry serve and resolve in a while, are exactly of us that can even be embedded in R3. Thus you on the total leer extremely contorted wrapped-up objects. The most attractive ones (much like quasi-unique H3 tilings or irreducible objects) are subsequent-to-now not doable to carry serve in any predominant method, for now no now not up to.

DMT Converse Growth

The growth of home to blame for the elevated curvature occurs wherever you mutter your attention (alongside with the objects you leer). Here it’s worthwhile to well leer what it could perhaps maybe perhaps also discover fancy to peek at a DMT object: Here’s called the “jitterbox” mechanism.

YouTube video

DMT entities

DMT entities approach in lots of forms, and their total tremendous is extremelly dose-dependent. In space of describing any bid manifestation we are in a position to as a substitute in instant portray the tough properties of the entities skilled based on the extent reached.

  1. Threshold: On the total the ambiance commerce has a social feel to is. Extra a much like coming into a room of of us of an alien custom, than coming into an empty cave or a warmth pool for your procure. On this sense the very beginning of a DMT journey could perhaps also already physique the journey in social terms and facilitate the expectation of meeting entities.
  2. Chrysanthemum: One can feel perhaps the subtle presence of entities, but they’re on the total interpreted as “feeling linked” to 1’s visitors, family and acquaintances. The sensation does now not manifest in any sure spatial method, even supposing. Varied than that, this bid is apersonal within the sense that one does now not leer any entity straight.
  3. Magic Stare: Here the entities can even be roughly described as having an impersonal relationship with you. They’re favorable there, placing out on their very procure, on the total engrossed with in spite of activities your world-sheet is qualified of representing for them.
  4. Ready Room: At this level entities originate up changing into in a position to work alongside with you. They feel fancy self sustaining beings wrapped in thriller. Their intentions, what they know, and their emotional states can even be guessed from their habits, but they’re now not at once glaring.
  5. Step forward: At this level the entities one meets seem to procure what we could perhaps call a transpersonal relationship with you. They fragment their very procure interior states (feelings, recordsdata, wants, etc) with you. It feels fancy they’ll discuss telepathically and “leer through” you. One can now not veil one’s “non-public” mental contents from them at this level.
  6. Amnesia: One can now not bear in mind, clearly, exactly what occurs right here. However if day out experiences are any indication, this level is reminiscent of extremely “mystical” states wherein one’s implicit beliefs about Personal Identification are obliterated and changed by the sensation of fixing into an all-encompassing entity. “Union with God” and “Samadhi” are terms that describe the subjective feeling of self in this bid. In diversified words, at this level it’s now not doable to distinguish between oneself and diversified entities, for all is represented as one. (Watch out for never making an try to head right here even as you happen to feel substandard at the time since antagonistic hedonic tone can even be amplified favorable as noteworthy as an actual feeling much like Samadhi).

How will we demonstrate the drastic geometric modifications of out of the ordinary home on DMT? As talked about earlier, we are in a position to discuss three (non-mutually uncommon) hypothesis. These hypothesis work at the extent of an algorithmic reduction, which formula that we are going to head deeper than favorable describing recordsdata processing and phenomenology. We can stop wanting addressing the implementation level of abstraction. It’s payment pointing out that describing the ways wherein DMT experiences are hyperbolic is in itself an algorithmic reduction. What we are about to originate is to construct a extra granular algorithmic reduction wherein we strive to demonstrate why hyperbolic geometry emerges on DMT states by postulating underlying processes. Listed below are the three reductions:

(1) Attend watch over Interruption + Symmetry detection = Commerce in Metric

Take that on a old article we algorithmically lowered long-established psychedelic states. The building blocks of that reduction were:

  1. Attend watch over Interruption (which portions to a “longer half-existence for all qualia”)
  2. Drifting (“respiration walls, eyes transferring from their long-established space, waving sensations”)
  3. Enhanced Pattern Recognition (pareidolia, cf. Getting Closed to Digital LSD)
  4. Reduced Symmetry Detection Threshold (quasi-symmetric patterns have a tendency to “lock into” completely symmetrical constructions)

Using this framework one can argue that DMT makes home extra hyperbolic within the following method: in high portions the synergistic discontinuance of relieve an eye fixed on interruption alongside with extremely lowered symmetry detection thresholds skilled in like a flash succession makes the subjective distance between the facets within the outstanding objects within the scene evolve a hyperbolic metric. How would this happen? The predominant part to love is that in this model the weird and wonderful quasi-Euclidean home we journey is an emergent discontinuance of an equilibrium between these two forces. Even in long-established circumstances our world-sheet is continuously regenerated; the payment at which symmetrical relationships within the scene are detected is balanced by the payment at which these subjective measurements are forgotten. This on the total results in an emergent Euclidean geometry. On DMT the payment of symmetry detection will increase whereas the payment of “forgetting” (inhibiting relieve an eye fixed on) decreases. Attention facets out extra relationships in like a flash succession and this creates a network of measured subjective distances that can now not be embedded in Euclidean 3D home. Thus there could be an overflow of symmetries. We’re at the second engaged on a valid mathematical model of this route of in uncover to reconstruct a hyperbolic metric out of those two parameters. On this model, relieve an eye fixed on interruption is interpreted as a commerce within the decay for subjective measurements of distance in one’s thoughts, whereas the lowered symmetry detection threshold is interpreted as a commerce within the likelihood of measuring the distance between any two given facets as a honest of the network of distances already measured.

The curvature expand is most salient the build aside there could be already barely about a measurements made, since extremely-measured areas level of curiosity attention and a spotlight drives symmetry detection. Thus, specializing in any surface will originate the outside itself hyperbolic (in preference to the 3D home, since measurements are largely targeting the outside). On the diversified hand, if the curvature is too high to score on a 2D surface, this could perhaps “soar” to 3D and even 3D1T (i.e. branching out the temporal a part of 1’s journey). The final consequence’s that the total curvature of 1’s 3D1T world-sheet will increase on DMT in a dose-dependent method.

Varied doses lead to diversified states of curvature homeostasis. Each fragment of the worldsheet has continuously-morphing shapes and surprising curvature modifications, however the total curvature is however extra or less preserved on a given dose. It’s now not easy to score rid of excess curvature. Reasonably, at any time when one tries to decrease the curvature in one fragment of the scene one is merely pushing it in other locations. Even when one manages to push most of the curvature out of a given modality (e.g. vision) it’s likely to quickly return in one other modality (e.g. kinesthetic or auditory landscape) since attention never ceases on a DMT day out. Such obvious dose-dependent global curving of the area-sheet (and its soar from one modality into one other) constrains the form of the objects one can signify on the bid (thus ensuing in alien-taking a glimpse extremely-bent objects a much like the ones confirmed above).

(2) Dynamic System Story: Vitality Sources, Sinks and Invariants

Vitality Invariants

Enable us to elaborate a belief of vitality in consciousness so that we are in a position to formalize the fashion experiences warps and transforms on DMT. Bewitch that one wants “vitality” in uncover to instantiate a given journey (if truth be told, right here is nice an implicit invariant and we would also expend a sure title). Each characteristic of a given journey wants a undeniable quantity of vitality, which roughly corresponds to a weighted sum of the depth and the recordsdata train of an journey. As an illustration, the brightness of a level of colored mild in one’s visible area is vitality-dependent. Likewise, the recordsdata train in a texture, the decision of represented symmetrical relationships, the tempo wherein an object strikes (plus its acceleration), and even the curvature of 1’s geometry. All of those aspects require vitality to be instantiated.

Beneath long-established circumstances the brain has many suave and (evolutionarily) acceptable ways of modulating the amount of vitality original in diversified modules of 1’s thoughts. That is, we procure now got many packages that work as vitality switches for diversified mental activities reckoning on the context. When we mediate, we procure now got allocated a undeniable quantity of vitality to discovering a shape/thought-score that satisfies a call of constraints. When it shape-transferring that vitality in various ways and discovering an answer, we either allocate extra vitality to it and even quit. Alternatively, on DMT the vitality can now not be switched off, and it will only accelerate from one modality into one other. In diversified words, whereas in long-established circumstances one uses strategically one’s skill to present vitality limits to diversified initiatives, on DMT one merely has fixed high vitality globally in spite of what.

Extra formally, this model of DMT trudge says that DMT modifies the structure of 1’s thoughts so that (1) vitality freely passes from one score into one other, and (2) vitality floods your complete machine. Let’s discuss vitality sources and sinks.

Vitality Sources and Sinks

On this algorithmic reduction DMT will increase the amount of consciousness in one’s thoughts by virtue of impairing our long-established vitality sinks whereas increasing the throughput of its vitality sources. This also can regularly manifests as out of the ordinary areas changing into hyperbolic within the mathematical-geometric sense of increasing its antagonistic curvature as such curvature is one manifestation of elevated phases of vitality. Vitality sinks are serene original and they fight to take as noteworthy of the vitality as doable. Namely, one vitality sink is “recognition” of objects on the area-sheet.

This model postulates that highlight gains as an vitality provide, whereas pattern recognition gains as an vitality sink.

The Hamiltonian of a World-sheet

The total vitality in one’s consciousness will increase on DMT, and there could be a fixed waft between diversified ways for this vitality to score score. That acknowledged, one can analyze piecewise the numerous formula of 1’s journey, specially if the network of vitality alternate clusters neatly. Namely, we are in a position to postulate that world-sheets are rather self-contained. Relative to diversified formula of the ambiance the thoughts is simulating, the area-sheet itself has a extremely high inside-cluster vitality alternate and a barely low defective-cluster vitality alternate. One’s world-sheet is amazingly fluid, and itsy-bitsy deformations propagate nearly linearly throughout it. In a given dose plateau, even as you happen to add up the acceleration, the tempo, the curvature, etc of every level within the area-sheet you’re going to approach up with a quantity that continues to be rather fixed over time. Thus discovering out the Hamiltonian of an global-sheet (i.e. the bid-home given by a fixed level of vitality) can even be very informative in describing both the recordsdata train and the experiential depth of DMT experiences.


You furthermore mght can deform a surface without changing its local curvature. (Supply: Gauss’ “Unprecedented Theorem” [seriously not my quotes]). Thus on a DMT day out plateau there could be serene barely about a room for transformations of the area-sheet into diversified shapes with a similar curvature.

Beneath long-established circumstances the curvature of 1’s world-sheet is, as far as I’m in a position to suppose, arousal-dependent. Hold you seen how must you are feeling tired you is also extra likely to defocus your visible journey? You furthermore mght can be tired unhurried at night and you is also making an try to survey a movie, but bringing the scene in level of curiosity is too noteworthy of an effort so you defocus for a chunk bit (serene taking note of the dialogue). What did you originate that for? In the framework right here proposed, you did that to diminish the vitality it takes you to preserve up a tendency world-sheet with barely about a recordsdata. Doing so is also aesthetically ravishing and rewarding when fully conscious or excited, but when tired the returns on doing the focusing are now not mountainous given how noteworthy effort it wants and the indisputable truth that the dialogue is extra predominant for the bid anyway.

It takes effort and wakefulness to level of curiosity on a elaborate scene with many intricate information. (Reading and making an try to know this essay could perhaps also itself require predominant conscious vitality expenditure). For this motive we could perhaps say that DMT is an exceedingly fine arouser of consciousness.

Bayesian Vitality Sinks

One predominant property of our minds is that our level of mental arousal decreases after we elaborate our journey as “expected”. These that can score pleasure from their very procure minds originate so, in fragment, by discovering surprising ways of belief expected things. In the presence of fresh recordsdata that one can now not without considerations combine, however, one’s level of vitality is adjusted upwards so that we strive out a differ of diversified units quickly and strive to form out a model that does originate the fresh recordsdata expected (even supposing perhaps integrating fresh assumptions or adding train in diversified ways). When we are in a position to’t manage to generate a mental model that works out a doable model of what we are experiencing we have a tendency to stay in an over-involving bid.

This long-established understanding applies to the area-sheet. One in every of the predominant ways wherein an global-sheet reduces its vitality (within the neighborhood) is by morphing into something it’s worthwhile to well acknowledge or elaborate. Thus the area-sheet in a method retains on producing objects, initially acquainted, but in elevated energies your complete route of can seem determined or hopeless: one can only acknowledge things with a stretch of the creativeness. Since people in long-established lack noteworthy journey with hyperbolic geometry, we on the total don’t manage to imagine objects which is also symmetric on their very procure native geometry. However after we originate, and we personal them up with resonant mild-thoughts-vitality, then BAM! Unique harmonics of consciousness! Unique forms of bliss! Song of the angels! OMG! Laughter till infinity and further- shared across the galaxy- in a hyperbolic transpersonal delight! It’s fancy LSD and N2O! Wow!

Forgive me, it’s my first day. Let’s carry on. As one does now not know any object that the area-sheet can moderately have the option to generate in high doses, and the area-sheet has so noteworthy vitality by itself, vitality can seem to spiral out of relieve an eye fixed on. This explains in fragment the non-linear relationship between skilled depth and DMT dose.

Esteem all aspects of 1’s consciousness, the antagonistic curvature of out of the ordinary home tends to decay over time (presumably through inhibition by the cortex). On this case, the sensation is undoubtedly one of “smoothing out the curves” and embedding the outstanding objects in 3D euclidean home. Alternatively, right here is adverse by the discontinuance that highlight and (levels of) consciousness procure on our out of the ordinary sheet, which is to expand its antagonistic curvature. On DMT, anything that highlight specializes in will originate up branching, copying itself and multiplying, a route of that quickly saturates the scene to the level of filling extra spatial relationships than would match in Euclidean 3D. The tempo at which this occurs is dose-dependent. The elevated the dose, the less inhibiting relieve an eye fixed on there could be and the extra intense the “folding” property of attention shall be. Thus, for diversified dosages one reaches diversified homeostatic phases of total curvature in one’s out of the ordinary home. Since attention does now not stop at any level for the length of a DMT day out (it retains being colorful and intense all throughout) there isn’t if truth be told any leisure duration to relax and leer the curvature score smoothed out by itself. The full lot one thinks about, perceives or imagines branches out and bifurcate at a high tempo.

Every second for the length of the journey is amazingly powerful to “bewitch” since the fashion one on the total does that in unique circumstances is by focusing attention on it and shaping one’s world-sheet to fable for the input. However right here that very attention makes the area-sheet lunge, warp and expand beyond recognition. Thus one could perhaps say that for the length of a solid DMT journey one never sees the same part twice, as the journey continues to adapt. That is, clearly, so long as you originate now not stumble upon (or deliberatively make) proper out of the ordinary objects whose structure can continue to exist the warping discontinuance of attention.

(3) Hyperbolic Micro-structure of Consciousness

Subjectively, A says, antagonistic curvature is associated with extra vitality. Perhaps this curvature occurs at a extremely low level? An example to score away darkness from the creativeness is using warmth to fold a sheet of steel (thanks to thermal growth). Whatever your attention specializes in appears to score heated up (in some sense) and expand which capacity. The folding patterns themselves seem to retailer doable vitality. Left on their very procure, this extra vitality saved as antagonistic curvature on the total dissipates, but on DMT this route of is lowered (whereas the discontinuance of accelerating the vitality is heightened). Would possibly presumably this be the tip results of some very very stunning-level micro-experiential commerce that delicately propagates upwards? With the aid of our long-established mental processes the commerce within the micro-structure could perhaps also propagate the total method into apparently hyperbolic 2D and 3D surfaces.

Perhaps the final notice incompatibility between DMT in high doses and diversified psychedelics is that the micro-structure of con

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