The Code Review Pyramid

The Code Review Pyramid

When it involves code reviews,
it’s a same outdated phenomenon that there is well-known level of curiosity and long-winded discussions round mundane aspects like code formatting and trend,
whereas indispensable aspects (does the code alternate attain what it is alleged to attain, is it performant, is it backwards-effectively matched for new potentialities, and various others) are inclined to fetch much less attention.

To purchase consciousness for the predicament and providing some steerage on aspects to level of curiosity on,
I shared a exiguous visual on Twitter the other day, which I called the “Code Review Pyramid”.
Its contrivance is to encourage putting level of curiosity on these formulation which matter the most all the diagram thru a code overview (in my belief, anyways),
and additionally which formulation may probably and must be automatic.

As another folks asked for a eternal, referenceable put of that resource and others desired to have a high-res printing model, I’m putting it right here again:

code review pyramid

You are going to be in a situation to additionally download the visual as an SVG file.



  • Why is it a pyramid?

    The lower formulation of the pyramid must be the muse of a code overview and purchase Up the most allotment of it.

  • Hiya, that’s a triangle!

    You would mediate so, but it’s a pyramid from the side.

  • Which tool did you use for increasing the drawing?

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