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Orderly is a conventional motive, converse-of-the-artwork, pure and sluggish functional programming language designed for making right-world applications. About a of its most well-known language parts are arena of abilities typing, dynamic typing, and generic functions. Maintain a stare at a immediate impression of Orderly.

The Orderly Diagram is on hand for the Dwelling windows, Linux, and Mac working programs.

PLNL2019 in Nijmegen!

This 300 and sixty five days the 2nd Workshop on Programming Languages in The Netherlands is hosted in Nijmegen.

Downloading Orderly

We’re migrating in direction of continuous integration and more frequent releases.
Both nightly developments builds and the traditionally versioned Orderly 3.0 are publicly on hand from our safe web page.


The iTask Diagram


Important of potentially the most up-to-date Orderly linked research is targeted around the iTask machine.
This is a toolkit for building web-basically based fully mostly workflow management programs the use of an spectacular workflow
language embedded in Orderly.

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Cloogle is the legit Orderly search engine that indexes all traditional libraries, exterior libraries, compiler errors, ABC instructions, builtins and syntax facets.

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The mTask Diagram

The mTask machine (mTasks) is a framework for programming complete Internet of Things (IoT) programs from a single source.
The framework is powered by a multi-backend tagless embedded DSL embedded within the pure functional programming language Orderly.
With the bytecode era backend and the ITasks integration, mTask initiatives would possibly perchance also be embedded in iTasks programs and shared knowledge sources would possibly perchance also be synchronized.
The customer runtime machine, written in moveable C, runs on embedded devices comparable to Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 boards however also on elephantine fledged Linux, Dwelling windows and MacOS machines.

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