The Canas (Low-cost Ass Network Associated Storage)

The Canas (Low-cost Ass Network Associated Storage)


I wished a NAS for my dwelling community. I will have perfect constructed a PC and shoved some hard drives in it. I wasn’t in actuality drawn to that device at the moment, attributable to hardware prices are very excessive staunch away. Furthermore dimension, noise, and energy consumption is higher than a dedicated NAS. I also can have perfect supplied an off the shelf NAS. The absolute most practical downside right here is mark and capability to toughen.


  • 4 usable harddrive bays
  • Quad core 1.5Ghz Arm Processor
  • 8GB LP DDR4 Ram
  • Gigabit Ethernet


Here’s what I purchased though no longer the prices I paid. I got the hard force enclosure from ebay, the raspberry pi 4 from and had the microsd card laying spherical. Sadly the U fashioned connector did limit my file switch rates (slit back them in half of), so I’ve since ditched it. I adore the device it looked, nonetheless it for certain’s on the back of the NAS which my dreadful reducing has made gaze sinister anyway. The pi is powered off the 5 volt pins from the sata energy internal the enclosure. I perfect took the sata male energy connector and spliced it into the 90 stage usb c cable. It’s seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance positively steer clear of wasting cash by going with a usb 3.0 model, one without hardware RAID (I’m no longer the usage of it), and in negate so that you just can pass with a 4 bay enclosure (for 3 usable bays). It’s seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance also stride with a pi with 4gigs of ram, and the heatsink with a fan is overkill. With all those omissions, chances are high you’ll perchance get it for spherical $200.00.

Why form this?

I did this attributable to I desired to peep if it would work. I was surprised how shrimp same projects I might perchance perchance well get on the get. There are hundreds of NAS projects the usage of compute modules and tiny batch boards. Furthermore there are projects the usage of 3d printed conditions. I haven’t discovered any individual else taking a multi-bay usb enclosure and turning it into a self contained NAS. Other upsides are mark and toughen-capability. If they reach out with a pi5 it wants to be trivial to swap it out and have a more worthy NAS.

Why shouldn’t you form this?

It’s seemingly you’ll perchance well also very neatly be in the terminate connecting up to 4 sata drives over a single usb 3.0 port. This bottlenecks access speeds, it’s swiftly enough for my makes expend of, nonetheless something to preserve in thoughts. Whilst you will have a excessive performance solution, this isn’t it. The venture took some trial and mistake to get it working. And it seemingly isn’t the most marvelous solution available.


Any individual dropped at my attention that USB 3.0 has a capability of 4.8Gb/s. It’ll aloof aloof be a limiting part. I’m totally the usage of a gigabit Ethernet connection, so as that is absolutely the most practical seemingly bottleneck on this setup.

Thanks for discovering out

I’m seemingly overly comfy with this thing. It looks better than an feeble pc. It’s specs are better than an off the shelf solution. And it appears like an fashioned belief.

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