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The Boring Company 3D tunnel, LA

Are you ever stuck in traffic? and going from home to office or to school feels like a prize? xD That feeling when you are stuck in traffic is the most soul-destroying thing ever, because it takes time from your life for just doing nothin’ at all. This wasted time, collecting all is very huge if compared to your whole lifetime. So what’s the solution?

The boring Company Idea

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3D Tunnel Networks

Yes you heard it right! We always move on road which obviously only allows us to move from left to right or forward to backward, basically it is like traditional road allows you to move only in X & Y Axis.

So the solution to this problem is to make roads in All 3 Dimensions! Sounds like fun right, but it’s true. A tunnel has already been built in LA (Los Angeles). Continue to know how?

3D is better than 2D in every aspect, let it be games, or real world physics, however 3-Dimensions always comes with more calculations… you got my point?

3 Dimensional navigation and road system is futuristic and exciting but it also comes with many problems, can you feel normal when thousands of cars will be running above your head at high speeds? that will be one of the most bad feeling you can ever had, you would always have the fear of losing your life xD .

The main reason behind creating 3D roads is to avoid the city congestion and save time and energy of you and your vehicle, energy usage also does affect a lot from up-time of vehicle.

3D tunnels will allow you to go from one place to another without wasting your time in traffic jams and Traffic lights, It is pretty straightforward, it will take you to your destination in less time. That meaning, More productivity from public of nation, saving fuel for your vehicle and less time waste for all.

3D tunneling is being made possible- by THE BORING COMPANY. The Boring Company is an American infrastructure and tunnel construction services company founded by Elon Musk in December 2016. Musk cited difficulty with Los Angeles traffic and limitations with the current two-dimensional transportation network as his early inspiration for the project. Wikipedia

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So what do you think of your this article, tell me your views below in comments. I really love how our world is proceeding towards Future.

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