The ACM Flight Simulator

The ACM Flight Simulator
Hotfoot display camouflage:

This internet page updated: 2021-03-26 (Debian kit accessible)

Lightweight flight simulator accessible here for fetch. Aspects
(most up-to-date changes in boldface):

  • Readily accessible sceneries, with PDF navigation charts:
    Europe sceneries generated from the database
    (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United
    USA sceneries generated from the FAA database (Boston region, Dallas region,
    Las Vegas region, Los Angeles region, Smooth York region, San
    Francisco region, Tucson region).
  • Launch source, largely GNU GPL or public arena license.
  • Easiest C source code with slight TCL launcher interface.
  • Runs on Linux and Windows.
  • Very slight CPU and memory footprint; doesn’t require in actuality knowledgeable hardware.
  • Simulated atmosphere: ellipsoidal Earth (WGS-84 mannequin), magnetic
    arena calculation (NOAA WMM mannequin)
    , Sun ephemeris allow to
    calculate the Sun region and fashioned scene illumination, fashioned
    atmosphere, wind and gusts, clouds.
  • Aircraft fashions: several accessible, each civil and navy, 6 degrees of
    freedom, bicycle or tricycle landing instruments, aerodynamics simulation;
    vitality-plant: propeller piston engine, jet engine with afterburner, rocket,
  • Instrumentation: magnetic compass, classic panel (perspective indicator, airspeed
    indicator, altitude indicator, flip and accelerate indicator, climb velocity
    indicator), HSI and RNAV calculator, ADF, head-up display camouflage, autopilot, insist
    stick alter or fee stick alter.
  • Weapon systems: radar, radar warning receiver, missiles, cannon, fall bombs;
    robotic opponents will be generated for ACM ideas practising.
  • Multiplayer functionality thru the fashioned DIS community protocol; up to 31
    distant avid gamers supported.
  • Sound outcomes.
  • Extensible sceneries for several areas of the arena, with navigation charts
    including airports, NDB, VOR, ILS.
  • Allow to utilize the departure date and time (Sun lights
    and Earth magnetic arena are calculated accordingly), airport and
    ; permits to glide freely around the globe (sceneries are
    now dynamically loaded, where accessible).
  • Chart program to generate navigation charts from the sceneries above.

Castorino ACM DIS protocol relay server accessible!

A DIS protocol relay server is in the marketplace at port 3000.
The default exercise is 1, another exercise number will be living and shared amongst the
contributors to a simulation.

Readily accessible applications and resources


    A detailed itemizing of the total contemporary changes.

    (1265 KB)
    Executable program for Windows x86_32 and x86_64
    (this latter in compatibility mode). Windows users could perhaps well composed fetch
    this kit. It comprises all you comprise gotten to comprise this system,
    including sceneries, navigation charts and reference e book. Highly
    advisable the tcl/tk interpreter in train to comprise the at hand ACM
    launcher interface
    , I counsel that from Magicsplat.

  • acm-6.0_20200416.tar.gz (1536 KB)
    Supply code kit, largely C language, 32-bits and 64-bits compliant
    for Linux and Windows. Linux users must fetch this one; no
    binary kit accessible for them, but no anxiety: no need for titillating
    libraries or special configurations, the fashioned gcc compiler and
    fashioned console instruments are only stunning! Windows users could perhaps well glean compiling
    these sources reasonably extra annoying because the set up of the MinGW system pattern kit is furthermore

  • Sources repository
    CVS repository for essentially the most up-to-date changes (notice the CHANGES.txt file). Nameless CVS earn entry to
    furthermore accessible, notice CVS.

  • Debian kit
    for Debian 11 (bullseye). This kit is per this initiating,
    with minor fixes to take a examine essentially the most up-to-date GCC C compiler necessities
    and file paths modified to take a examine the Debian file system format.
    Documentation, user e book and navigation charts are at the moment composed NOT
    incorporated in the Debian kit, though – I’m hoping this could perhaps well even be mounted soon.

  • Reference Manual
    A comprehensive records to the total ingredients of this system, including the
    description of the total accessible instruments, a typical flight tutorial,
    weapon systems, outline new aircraft and new sceneries. Incorporated
    in the total applications above.

  • ACM Components Tracking Machine
    Sequence of known bugs, ingredients and related discussions about the ACM challenge.

An summary of the lastest comments from the chums of this internet page follows. Please, use the Feedback link above to be taught the total messages or so as to add your contribute.

2022-01-12 by Umberto Salsi
Visitor wrote: […] No updates from my phase, but now that ACM 6.0 is officially phase of the Debian 11 (bullseye) distribution it is at closing initiating to the contribution from anyone. The very first thing that ought to be mounted in the Debian initiating is the lacking documentation, especially the user’s e book and the navigation charts that come in alongside with my kit. One more region of development will likely be rising extra scenery files to duvet other regions of the arena and new aircraft fashions, which on the total is a matter of writing bare textual whine files gathering records from here and there about the specific deliver, no programming abilities required. Regarding the evolution of this system, I believe it is composed a factual starting level for anyone challenging to be taught the basics of flight and flight navigation; its source code is quick and simple ample for any programmer to be taught the basics of how a flight simulator works in an cheap interval of time, allowing to experiment with programming ideas and modulariza[…][more…]

2021-12-20 by Visitor
Hi, Umberto! Any development on ACM pattern?[more…]

2020-03-13 by Umberto Salsi
Re: Subsequent initiating?
Visitor wrote: […] As you must perhaps well be in a position to take a examine, there are some fixes and updates accessible in the CVS repository, essentially to enhance the updated WMM coefficient of the Earth magnetic arena (the new “exact” packet of ACM affords an error about the used coefficients desk). To be succesful to put off that demanding message, you must perhaps well well presumably also fetch the source from the CVS. Other than that, another minor changes I am at the moment engaged on (and no longer committed but) are: – Rudder movements are synchronized with the nostril instruments steerage love in a accurate plane. The muse is that facing depraved wind while taking off and landing will likely be extra practical. Facet attain: steerage is now performed pressing the Z and C keys, the identical keys of the rudder. I am no longer clear if this trade could perhaps well in actuality add some realism, I composed fail on have interaction-off with solid crosswind (runway tour), and with out a doubt steerage on the terrain with the keyboard is terribly refined. To be reconsidered. – But again in the realm of realism, I would take hold of so as to add some enforce[…][more…]

2020-03-13 by Visitor
Subsequent initiating?
Hi, Umberto! I sew exercise (few commits with a host of fixes) in CVS repo made on January 2020. Has you plans to initiating subsequent model of ACM 6.0?[more…]

2018-07-21 by RedCat42
Hey again, I hasty tried some code and indeed, by changing the error traces by : if( *s !=’-‘ ) return 0; s++; it indeed works completely and I can now initiating acm. Thanks a host of, I am taken aback that even years and years after initiating, you must perhaps well well presumably even be composed here. Peace out ![more…]

2018-07-21 by RedCat42
Re: Departure Time Bug
Alright, we’re getting to one thing ! Yey ! Right here is my model of gcc : gcc –model gcc (Debian 7.3.0-24) 7.3.0 And I can confirm these are the correct errors displaying up. Will comprise to you would prefer to comprise your total log : ———– # Surely comprise all (but one thing doesn’t builds but): #glean . -mindepth 2 -title Makefile # | while be taught m; comprise compose -C $(dirname $m) all || exit 1; accomplished # # Easiest comprise what we in actuality care essentially the most: compose -C src all compose[1]: Getting into directory ‘/root/Téléchargements/acm-6.0_20180402/src’ rm -rf doxygen-html glean . -mindepth 2 -title Makefile | while be taught m; comprise compose -C $(dirname $m) all || exit 1; accomplished compose[2]: Getting into directory ‘/root/Téléchargements/acm-6.0_20180402/src/util’ compose audio.o error.o gui.o hashtable.o memory.o prng.o reader.o sparsearray.o timer.o gadgets.o varray.o wav.o zulu.o compose[3]: Getting into directory ‘/root/Téléchargements/acm-6.0_20180402/src/util’ gcc -Wall -Werror -g -fmax-errors=99 -Wuninitialized -Wmissing-prototypes -Wredundant-decls -c audio.c -o audio.o gcc[…][more…]

2018-07-21 by Umberto Salsi
Re: Departure Time Bug
RedCat42 wrote: […] […] So it appears you must perhaps well well presumably even be using some more moderen model of gcc 6 or 7 (while I am composed using the “previous” 5) which introduces several new warnings and, amongst these, the “misleading-indentation” warning as detected above. I comprise no longer know why these statements went formatted so badly, but clearly the “s++;” assertion could perhaps well composed dawdle on a line by its possess, so it is easy to repair making overjoyed gcc -Wall. Will comprise to you must perhaps well well presumably also confirm the model of gcc (variety “gcc –model” at the terminal) and you must perhaps well well presumably also confirm these traces are the correct one affected, I could perhaps well publish a mounted initiating; write to my a display camouflage here or by electronic mail, so I can add the due credits! Regards, – U.S.[more…]

2018-07-20 by RedCat42
Re: Departure Time Bug
I comprise remark sorry for being so impatient. I used to be as soon as very titillating about acm and slight errors by no methodology stopped displaying up until this one. I will now answer each level : 1. I am on a linux debian machine, x64, with it appears to be like essentially the most tranquil model of gcc. I on the opposite hand comprise no longer know from now on predominant functions, so you must perhaps well wish to specific which one when you would prefer to comprise some. 2. I did no longer specified any parameter with my compiler. Upright typed “compose” and let it dawdle. 3. It is miles pretty contemporary, as I most titillating tried 2017 and 2018 dates. 4. I can no longer, as it chooses “now” as default, it brings this error up : ACM-6.0_20180402 inner error in zulu.c: 101: timestamp underflow for three hundred and sixty five days 0. Aborted 5. I can no longer either, as it brings this error : ./acm.exe -departure-time 2017-10 ACM-6.0_20180402: invalid departure date and time ‘2017-10’. Take a look at format and range of each arena, examples: 2017-10 (2017-10-01T00: 00: 00 assumed) 2017-10-20 (00: 00: 00 assumed time) 2017-10-20T12: 34 (00 seconds assumed) 2017-10-20T12: 34: 56 Allowed three hundred and sixty five days range is [1583,9[…][more…]

2018-07-20 by Umberto Salsi
Re: Departure Time Bug
RedCat42 wrote: […] Sorry for the ache, but be persistence. I cannot reproduce the train here, as all is working stunning for each ‘now’ and ‘2017-10-09T09: 00’ under: – Slackware 14.2, x86_64, gcc 5.3.0 and – Windows 7, x86_32, MinGW 0.6.2, gcc 5.3.0 by compiling the sources with their contemporary Makefile. 1. Which is your box? 2. Have you ever living some special compiler possibility? 3. Is your contemporary date/time reasonably contemporary? 4. Are you able to initiating this system from the describe line? as an illustration: src/acm/acm.exe 5. Are you able to initiating this system from the describe line by furthermore environment the departure time? as an illustration (three hundred and sixty five days and month most titillating): src/acm/acm.exe -departure-time 2018-07 6. If furthermore these commands fails, which is the specific displayed error? 7. Will comprise to you comprise gotten compiled from the sources, then you with out a doubt could perhaps well composed comprise the test code too; strive compiling and comprise the test code related to the Zulu date handling: cd test/util compose zulu-test.exe ./zulu-test.exe If nothing appears to be like on the display camouflage, at the least all americans is aware of the src[…][more…]

2018-07-20 by RedCat42
Departure Time Bug
Howdie, I at closing managed to set up acm, but I composed cannot initiating it. Regardless of the departure time it will get, this could perhaps well throw me an error. When I utilize “now” : Underflow for three hundred and sixty five days 0 (The program it appears to be like doesn’t earn the date upright) When I utilize a e book date : 2017-10-09T09: 00 is what I variety in. ACM-6.0_20180402: invalid departure date and time ‘2017-10-09T09: 00’. Right here’s quite frustating indeed. I cannot wait to glance your response. [more…]

2018-05-10 by Umberto Salsi
Re: I cannot even configure ACM for compose on openSuSE 11.1
Konran U. wrote: […] My internet commenting system is relieve on, and after most titillating 7 years of delay 🙂 I can at closing answer to this ask. Even supposing it goes to also seem the identical program, the sources of ACM-6 are quite diversified from the contemporary ACM-5 and I rewrote a host of the code (DIS protocol, sound strengthen, display camouflage administration, maps handling, and extra). But about your particular points: 1. The “configure” script is gone; dependencies from the underlying system are accounted in the Makefile under each directory, any dependency from exterior libraries is defend to a minimum after which it goes to also composed assemble stunning under any Linux distribution. 2. The pseudo-random number generator is now built-in as a customized library of ACM, so no extra points about that. Regards, – Umberto Salsi[more…]

2011-01-05 by Konran U.
I cannot even configure ACM for compose on openSuSE 11.1
When I strive and ./configure ACM out of the inventory I earn this error message: “configure: error: Hmm. Your system doesn’t strengthen either random() or rand().” Right here’s no longer correct as SuSE Linux has random(). Now I did an autoconf and ran ./configure again thus getting: “./configure: line 6047: syntax error: unexpected cessation of file” which appears to be like to be a consequence of an uncomplete generated configure script. I am unable to repair anything else in the configure script or template. So, is there any aid for that? Would be wide as I in actuality take hold of to glance a grand extra contemporary ACM than I ever knew 😉 Cheers, Konran[more…]

2010-11-22 by Visitor
Re: I cannot assemble the game in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
Umberto Salsi wrote: […] Yeah, I can flee it now. I am exploring extra. Thanks very grand 🙂 [more…]

2010-11-21 by Umberto Salsi
Re: I cannot assemble the game in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
Nameless wrote: […] That you simply would be in a position to well safely gain the offending line #include from src/avid gamers.c line 25 as that library is no longer in actuality faded by ACM-5.0-ico anymore.[more…]

2010-11-20 by Visitor
I cannot assemble the game in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
I attempted to “compose” it in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and this was as soon as what I bought: username@username-pc pc:~/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109$ compose Making all in ./V … compose[1]: Getting into directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/V’ Making all in ./lib … compose[2]: Getting into directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/V/lib’ compose[2]: Nothing to be accomplished for `all’. compose[2]: Leaving directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/V/lib’ compose[1]: Leaving directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/V’ Making all in ./dis … compose[1]: Getting into directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/dis’ Making all in ./disgen … compose[2]: Getting into directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/dis/disgen’ compose[2]: Nothing to be accomplished for `all’. compose[2]: Leaving directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/dis/disgen’ Making all in ./lib … compose[2]: Getting into directory `/house/username/Desktop/acm-5.0-ico-20100109/dis/lib’ compose[2]: Nothing to be accomplished[…][more…]

2008-04-23 by Umberto Salsi
Re: Welcome
Nameless wrote: […] That you simply would be in a position to well initiating taking part in around the src/mouse.c module simply overriding the mouse code. Guarantee you add upright library flags to the Makefile. Including strengthen for the joystick buttons is extra challanging, but since I comprise no longer comprise a joystick I can no longer aid on that level. If all that work, the following refinement step could perhaps well well be so as to add some flag to the considerable program (considerable.c) allowing the user to utilize its most smartly-preferred input tool, and presumably including that flag to too. If issues earn extra complex, earn your possess module “joystick-united statesh/.c” or one thing alike. And then, at closing, when you send me the resulting patch I will likely be very delighted so as to add it to the CVS and to the following initiating. Chuffed landings. [more…]

2008-04-22 by Visitor
It be a neutral appropriate-looking idea to comprise somebody taking the torch of this gorgeous code. I would take hold of so as to add usb joystick strengthen, any solutions?.[more…]>>
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