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Thanks HN and specifically YCombinator, admins and its founders. I learned YCombinator at the age of 18-19 after I modified into going thru my bring collectively plot, I started my Bachelors college examine 4 years sooner than I graduated from school, Pc Science has been my curiosity enviornment ever since and YCombinator has had frequently fresh records, bright inform and startups (I learned about it at the time thru Daniel Unsuitable who’s at my age). I gave Up on of us on other boards such SOF, FB, LinkedIn and reddit, I’ve hit upon your boards for the first time accurate now they normally are such sane, it’s so righteous to read your inform. I’d not known about any convey so that you just can consult with any convey with other of us relish me moreover touring to US to YCombinator startup combinator, and I relish my job and now after I learned this forum it if truth be told feel the sort of warm convey (I learned it while attempting to acquire records about dbus) and it feels relish I lastly can consult with of us that are accurate relish me and write posts and publish feedback relish THIS with out being threatened. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Mr. Graham, founders, admins you rock!!!!

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