About Knowasiak

Knowasiak is a platform that aims to empower individuals through knowledge and information. It serves as a hub for learning, sharing insights, and connecting with experts across various fields. Whether you're seeking advice on entrepreneurship, looking to expand your skill set, or simply curious about a particular topic, Knowasiak provides a space where knowledge seekers can find valuable resources and interact with like-minded individuals. From articles and tutorials to forums and webinars, Knowasiak offers a diverse range of content to help users enhance their personal and professional development.

Our Founder: Aditya Gaurav

Knowasiak was founded in 2020 by the visionary Aditya Gaurav. Aditya's mission was clear: to create a platform that brings people together, breaking down geographical boundaries, and allowing knowledge to flow freely on a global scale. What's truly remarkable is that Aditya, our founder and CEO, embarked on this journey at the tender age of 16.

A Vision Turned Reality

Aditya's vision for a better world through knowledge sharing became a reality when Knowasiak.com was launched. From its inception, the platform garnered a dedicated user base, with more than 16,000+ active users hailing from 115+ countries. We take pride in our global reach, connecting individuals and businesses from New York to New Delhi, London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between.

Impacting Major Enterprises

Knowasiak.com isn't just for individuals; it's a platform that major impact companies trust. Over 100+ large-scale enterprises, including Future Electronics, Reed Intelligence, ReportsAndData, USS Reports, MarketResearchFuture, VideoCaddy, Emergen Research, and TechnoBridge, actively utilize our platform. These businesses span the globe, from the United States to India, Japan to the United Kingdom, Australia to Canada, Russia, and beyond.

Meet Aditya Gaurav: A World Champion and Visionary

Aditya Gaurav is not your typical CEO. At just 19 years old, he's already earned his place in the record books. Aditya is a 17-time World Champion, a 12-time Asia Champion, and a 3-time National Awardee. His passion for excellence extends beyond the boardroom; he's also a Youngest World Champion in Game Development, recognized globally at GDWC 2022, competing against 149 countries.

In addition to his impressive list of accolades, Aditya is an active public motivator, speaker, and an inspiration to thousands worldwide. He's been invited as a VIP Delegate to more than 50 conferences and summits on international and global levels, representing the voice of a new generation.

Awards and Innovations

Aditya Gaurav's achievements are a testament to his unmatched knowledge, mindset, and tireless work ethic. At the age of 17, he received the prestigious Bharat Atma Nirbhar Award, becoming the youngest-ever recipient in India. Aditya is also the visionary behind COGNAC Metaverse, the world's first photorealistic metaverse. He secured a 1st runner-up rank representing India at GDWC 2022, competing with 149 countries. Aditya specializes in leadership, decisiveness, commercial initiation, and technology.

A Champion of Impact

Beyond his individual successes, Aditya Gaurav has collaborated with governmental organizations, including the Government of India, UNICEF, YuWaah, Narcotics Control Bureau, Central Railways of India, and more than 20 international organizations and governments. By the age of 15, he had already impacted more than 1 million people.

Contact Us

Should you ever need assistance or have inquiries about Knowasiak.com, our dedicated support team is here to help. Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Join us at Knowasiak.com, and be part of a global community that believes in the transformative power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and boundless possibilities. Together, we are shaping the future.