Tell HN: tmux.nvim – turning Neovim into a terminal multiplexer

Tell HN: tmux.nvim – turning Neovim into a terminal multiplexer

These WordPress plugins are moderately perfect-looking out!

This plugin aloof under pattern

This plugin gives a framework to turns
Neovim into terminal multiplexer
(carefully consistent with tmux)

The plot of this plugin is to compile rid of the need of tmux for a frequent
terminal multiplexing feature by leveraging Neovim damage Up and tab functions

For those that’s on House windows, this in total is a workaround for lack of tmux but
fully for terminal multiplexing

Desk Of Contents


This are non exhaustive checklist of functions accessible

  • Panes
  • House windows
  • Location bar1
  • Reproduction mode1
  • (Removable) Courses2

1: In part implemented
2: This requires Neovim to put in drive a server / consumer architecture which
deliberate in 0.7

Getting Began

To instant setup and scurry the first session of tmux.nvim

curl -fLo ~/.tmux.nvim/init.lua --fabricate-dirs
nvim -u ~/.tmux.nvim/init.lua

This may possibly possibly gain a frequent configuration to ~/.tmux.nvim/init.lua and scurry it.
Correct by which, it will robotically install and setup the plugin the spend of vim-drag.


As the plugin aloof under pattern, please rating the default configurations
from following areas…

  • Neovim configurations: lua/tmux/config.lua
  • Location bar (built the spend of tabline): lua/tmux/statusbar.lua
  • Key bindings: lua/tmux/bindings.lua
  • On hand commands: lua/tmux/commands.lua

Please current that some alternatives are opinionated and may possibly well be updated to envision
tmux’s defaults in a while


It is a long way highly advised to clone the repository (or gain a zip file) and
web page it someplace (~/.tmux.nvim would work too)

git clone ~/.tmux.nvim

or install the spend of a plugin supervisor of your different, as an illustration:

" neovim 0.5 or later that supp

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