Teach HN: Easy systems on how to bring together C/C++ for WASM, pure Clang, no libs, no framework

Teach HN: Easy systems on how to bring together C/C++ for WASM, pure Clang, no libs, no framework

That is the dear lumber-in ever!!

Easy systems on how to create minimal wasm module – PoC


  • use no Emscripten or any libs
  • straightforward toolchain,
    bring together to wasm in a single step
  • wasm could per chance well also use memory prepared by JavaScript
  • get something relative compute-intensive
  • get something seen

Mystic danger

Symptom: on some systems, the linker
could per chance well also hang, or manufacture output file with
upright size but beefy of zeros
(for that reason have script contains a
hexdump as last step).

Resolution: substitute your linker.

More recordsdata: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71573019/cant-bring together-to-wasm-on-linux


You want CLANG and CLANG’s linker (LLD).
Examined on versions 13 and 14.

Debian nightly pacakges: https://qualified.llvm.org/

On Home windows, you’ll want to per chance well well also use Chocolatey
package supervisor to set up CLANG: https://chocolatey.org/



Writing web app in any language
which is now not JavaScript is factual
pure pleasure.

Strive it

The color replace and the blur carry out is a
WASM module, written in C:


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