Taloflow (YC W21) Is Hiring a Dev Tools Research Manager

Taloflow (YC W21) Is Hiring a Dev Tools Research Manager


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Louis-Victor Jadavji

Louis-Victor Jadavji


About the role

Hi, I’m LV, the co-founder/CEO of Taloflow (YC W21).

We are hiring a dev tools research manager to help expand our tailored buying insights platform into new categories of developer tools, including cloud compute, smart contract platforms, cloud cost management, SMS APIs, and APMs. This is a 100% remote opportunity.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone highly skeptical of developer marketing claims and investigative by nature and with a career path that includes hands-on software development for at least three years. In addition, you have to find deep meaning in setting up experiments, testing products, collecting and analyzing data, and also have a general drive for transparency and standardization. Finally, you have to be comfortable testing some tools yourself to find new insights.

This unique individual will work directly with me to expand into at least two new categories by May 2022 and build the highest possible level of credibility in the developer community. I am entirely open to suggestions, but I believe the most effective strategies will focus on the following:

  1. Hiring a small network of category/niche researchers and experts to improve our data.
  2. Openly publishing our findings and getting feedback on the rules that power our product.
  3. Orchestrating benchmark tests.
  4. Engaging with actual users of cloud products and liaising with vendors to get to the truth.

We’re a small team (we’re 5), so we are looking for someone to bring ambitious ideas to the table, actually do the work, and build a long-lasting and trusted developer brand.

Why you should join Taloflow

About Taloflow:

Taloflow is a buying insights platform for the tech stack. We help CTOs at digital native companies pick the best cloud infrastructure and API products for their specific use case, saving them weeks of soul-sucking analysis and costly mistakes for every big decision they make.

  • Backed by Y Combinator (Winter ’21 batch)
  • Team of 4 full-time (all engineers + CEO)
  • Recently raised $1.5M from from Wonder Ventures, Voyager Capital, YC Continuity Fund and others.
  • #3 on ProductHunt in March 2021, Top 3 on HN 3 separate times

1. The problem: Product information in the tech stack is opaque and complex to understand. There are simply too many dimensions for humans to track and make intelligent tradeoffs between pricing, SLAs, compliance, ease of use, maintainability, and performance in a reasonable time frame. Existing third parties in the market do not present tailored or use-case-based analyses.

2. The situation: There’s a Cambrian explosion occurring in the cloud and dev tooling space. There are many newly-funded vendors popping up with niche specializations, and the existing vendors are innovating and adding SKUs at a rapid pace.

3. The solution: Taloflow’s transparent expert systems match buyers of infrastructure and API products with the best services for their use case. We are the antithesis to players like Gartner because we are transparent, tech-enabled, and provide tailored insights on-demand.

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