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Introducing 2 factor authentication to strengthen the security of your Knowasiak Account.

And why aren’t passwords good enough? Prior to tending to the inquiry 'what is two-factor verification' or 'what is 2FA,' we should consider why it's imperative to do all that you can to improve your online account security. With such a large amount of our lives occurring on cell phones and PCs, it's no big surprise our... Read more

Change-log v3.2 for Knowasiak Community

New features introduced in v3.2 are- Members, posts, activities and forums now can be reported and blocked by a user if anybody finds another person misbehaving.User profiles have some new fields to fill and share their details with community members like their school and colleges where they have studied, or they are studying now.Members can... Read more

The Serious Matter of SmartPhone Addiction.

ARTICLE 1 The cell phone is one of the most used and productive tools in our daily lives. However, cell phone addiction is a major issue globally. It negatively affects work productivity, relationships, even our own health. We have this need to stay connected at all times. People are developing habits of checking news, friends,... Read more