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Introducing 2 factor authentication to strengthen the security of your Knowasiak Account.

And why aren’t passwords good enough? Prior to tending to the inquiry 'what is two-factor verification' or 'what is 2FA,' we should consider why it's imperative to do all that you can to improve your online account security. With such a large amount of our lives occurring on cell phones and PCs, it's no big surprise our... Read more

Scientific Breakthrough at Community 3.1

We have done some experiments at our labs to make knowasiak community more user friendly with an easy and adaptable user interface and functionality. Here is the changelog and what differences we made! - Changelog- Personalized Timelines for all users, based on your previous activity and your followers. Faster load times [before: 6-7sec | now:... Read more

Knowasiak-what is AI deepfake?

AI DeepFake, One face on many bodies! – Genius Talks

What Is AI Deep-Fake? Have you ever listened about a video on which anybody's else face face is fitted through video editing and it all seems real? You amy have also seen today's android apps that can show you how you will look after 50 years from now? This technological method is really both Good... Read more