Why Do You Swing Your Arms When You Walk?

Arm swing in human bipedal walking is a natural motion wherein each arm swings with the motion of the opposing leg. Swinging arms in an opposing direction with respect to the lower limb reduces the angular momentum of the body, balancing the rotational motion produced during walking. (Cover via:reddit.com) Although such pendulum-like motion of arms is not essential for... Read more



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Have You Been Lied? Do You Really Exhale CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2)?

Eskimo Breathing GIF by Clockwork787 on Newgrounds Images may be subject to copyright. We all know that we breathe Oxygen aka Air which has a composition as follows:  20.95% of Oxygen  0.04% of Carbon dioxide 78.09% Nitrogen 0.93% Argon Small Amounts Of Other Gases After adding all up it makes Air which we breathe, what's... Read more

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GTA San Andreas for PC is one of the best all-time hit in the Gaming Industry and GTA Franchise is one of the most successful of all with a whopping sum of 220 Million record sales. GTA San Andreas is a very big game with 4.7 GB download size but you can get GTA San Andreas game by downloading this GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed file.

The Man Named “Santa Claus”.

Via : www.whychristmas.com St. Nicholas or Santa claus was a Bishop who lived in 280 A.D in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey). He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money. He was also a very kind man... Read more

Why Sunday Is Considered As Holiday?Explained.

But did you ever given a thought that why Sunday is a holiday? Why your boss doesn’t give you any instruction on this day and let you rest the whole day? Well, there is a history behind it. So let’s pry into the story why Sunday is a holiday?

Designing Your Very Own Lethal Power HIGH VOLTAGE Driver By Yourself. [For Tesla Coils and other EXPERIMENTS]

For designing a weapon like a stun gun or a high voltage driven object you must be sure that its ….

Two Men Arrested For Trying To Build An X-Ray Lethal Power Gun

article via: source Crawford was arrested Tuesday, after a sting operation by FBI agents in which they provided Crawford and his co-conspirator, engineer Eric J. Feight, with an nonfunctioning X-ray machine. This begs the question: Could an actual weapon be made from a working X-ray machine? X-rays are best known for taking pictures of the insides... Read more