Singapore Government Tech Stack

Singapore Government Tech Stack

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GovTech is developing the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) with a vision
to modernise development practice across Whole-Of-Government (WOG) to help
build secure systems that are responsive to constantly evolving citizens and
business needs. To achieve this, we need to adopt a three-prong approach:
People, Platform and Practice.

People: We build the right capabilities and a growth mindset to adopt the
technology practices in our development teams.
Platform: We offer the right set of tools through SGTS for building high quality, secure systems.
Practice: We offer guidance on how to use the tools to empower the developers.

Fig 1: Three-prong approach: People, Platform and Practice

SGTS products are built on principles of being developer-focused, driving automation, improving observability and auditability, ensuring compliance and security by design, exposing services via APIs and using native solutions.

Key Objectives

SGTS aims to

improve agility of app development and deployment by reducing the need for agencies to set up
extensive digital
infrastructure. It offers a more powerful development ecosystem with right tools that allows the Government and
vendors build code efficiently.
improve quality and compliance to policy and cyber security standards by baking them into the
and finding vulnerabilities early.
lower the costs of development of digital services by using centrally managed common services
offering economies
of scale and
reducing duplication.

What is SGTS?
SGTS is a set of platform tools that streamlines and simplifies the development process and enables code reuse across
WOG to build secure, high quality applications. SGTS has a 2-layer architecture where the Base Layer focuses on
standardising development tools and environment and at the top, the Services Layer drives code reusability within

Fig 2: The different layers in SGTS.

Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS)

Service Layer

Work in progress

Base Layer

Work in progress



Gov Cyber Sec Ops Centre


Endpoint Det & Res

Service Management

Developer Portal

SEED & TechPass


WoG Services

WoG (A) AD

Priviledged Access

Secrets Manager

Success Stories
More than 200 systems from 40 have already reaped the benefits of SGTS by implementing their services or applications
on cloud. These include time and cost savings allowing them to focus on the services and applications instead of
building cloud architectures.

ICA & PA’s Digital transformation journey with SGTS
MOE’s Digital Office

Last updated 29 April 2022

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