Show HN: Wetask, A simpler way to manage your team projects

Create Projects

Create unlimited number of projects, invite your team and start

Assign Tasks

Manage simply task dispatching, and look after progress during the
entire realization process


Report problems

Be aware of all the problems which can be involved during the
realization your projects

Event Planning

Organize events, goals, meetings, reminders for your team members
in a calendar

Communicate with your team

Send chats, polls and files instantly with your team from anywhere

Share files

Share simply and instantly an unlimited number of files with your

Create Timelines

Build easily your project plan and step by step track the progress
of it

Automate your workflow

With an API connect Wetask to your favorite apps an automate your
workflow without writing a single line of code

Manage your time effectively

Plan your everyday work, visualize your tasks, your todos, events,
timeline and milestone.

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered users, and get chat, make groups, post updates and make friends around the world!
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