Show HN: Transform your product catalog to payment hyperlinks

Show HN: Transform your product catalog to payment hyperlinks


Medusa is an open-source headless commerce engine that enables builders to produce unbelievable digital commerce experiences.

Medusa is released under the MIT license.

PRs welcome!

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Constructed with

Medusa: Commerce engine

Next.js: React framework

Stripe: Charge provider

Medusa React: Hooks and formula for Medusa

Must haves: To employ Medusa Particular, you’d like a Medusa server. Take a look at out medusa-starter-default for a short setup.

🚀 Birth!

1. Produce your Medusa Particular mission

Bellow npx and acquire medusa.relate (rapid)

  npx produce-medusa-app@most modern

Bellow git clone

  git clone --depth=1 medusa-relate

2. Navigate to mission and set Up dependencies

  cd your-express-folder>
  # or
  npm set Up

3. Hyperlink your Medusa server

On your mission, it is best to hold a .env.template file with the following recount material:

NEXT_PUBLIC_MEDUSA_BACKEND_URL=http://localhost: 9000

Copy the template exact into a file frail for local pattern:

mv .env.template .env.local

Add Stripe API key as ambiance variable to complete orders:

# Stripe secret's required for ending orders

Your Medusa server runs within the neighborhood on port 9000 by default. Ensure to change the above ambiance variable, whereas you hold modified the port.

4. Are attempting it out!

Birth Up both your Medusa server and Medusa Particular and compare out it out!

Medusa Particular is operating at http://localhost: 8000!

Crucial: Medusa Particular requires existing product. Either seed your Medusa server with some dummy merchandise, or produce yo

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