Show HN: Thumbor Release 7.0.0


$ thumbor-doctor”>

$ pip install "thumbor>=7.0.0"
$ thumbor-doctor

Keep on reading for the changes you need to be aware of. If you experience any problems, please run thumbor-doctor --nocolor and create an issue with your problem and the results of running thumbor-doctor.


This release notes will be slightly different from others as we need to have more of a conversation on what happened. We’ll detail the changes below, but first let’s explain them.

We set out to update thumbor to work with python3. During the work required to do that, it became clear that we were going to break most extensions with this release.

At this point we made a decision to not only update thumbor to python3, but completely modernize it.

Some of the 7.0.0 features:

  • Python 3.6+ support. Python 2 is not supported anymore (does not even work).
  • Updated tornado to release 6.0.3. This should fix many bugs/vulnerabilities we still had due to old tornado.
  • Updated pillow version to >= 7.0.0, <9 (meaning you should get latest pillow as it is in 8.4.0).
  • All tests now run using py.test.
  • Updated every dependency we could update.

While updating the codebase to support new tornado and python 3 we also decided to get rid of the callback hell that tormented the committers for the last 10 years or so. The new codebase uses proper async/await idioms for all the asynchronous code.

As a bonus for this update, we added a new concept to customizing thumbor: handler lists. It has been a req

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