Show HN: Thanks to BeAware, Deaf iPhone users have a free alerting device (OSS)

Show HN: Thanks to BeAware, Deaf iPhone users have a free alerting device (OSS)

My friend says this is elegant.

Download the app on your iPhone today!

BeAware is centered around inclusion and accessibility, and making deaf peoples’
lives easier by making everyday actions inclusive and diverse. Apart from being free,
the app is open source and available here,
so we would like to continue being the best with community input and support.



Turn your phone into an elite alerting tool
with customizable alerts of short or prolonged
sounds around you


Take advantage of your phone’s powerful
speech-to-text capability to transcribe,
even while the app is in the background


BeAware is the only app that can read
text loud into your live phone calls,
assisted by customizable preset phrases.


Here’s a sneak peak of some of the screens on an iPhone. The screens below are likely
more developed and more feature-rich than what you see below as the screenshots may be outdated.
We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed building it!

Like it? Want to see more? Have feedback for us?

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