Show HN: Test how Aesthetic your Photo is

Show HN: Test how Aesthetic your Photo is

Take a photo or upload one from your gallery. You will get a score on our aesthetics scale from 1 to 10

Note that the selected file is uploaded to our server for processing (we don’t save or share it)

Photographs rated by our app ordered from most aesthetic to least aesthetic.

aesthetic photo 1

aesthetic photo 2

aesthetic photo 3

aesthetic photo 4

Same photo unedited, blurred, with noise and poor lighting, to demonstrate the effect of the image quality on the aesthetic rating.

original photo high quality

modified photo bad quality

modified photo

modified photo

The word Aesthetics comes from Greek and means the study of perception. It is about the human perception of what is displayed in a photograph. An aesthetic photo can be taken of both beautiful and ugly objects. However, it is significantly easier to take a beautiful photo of beautiful objects. Some subjects successfully resist any aesthetic intent. Aesthetics here means a design that binds the viewer and leads him or her to the actual motif. Aesthetics also means conciseness, expressiveness, recognizability. Something that catches the eye.

The app uses an AI model based on Convolutional Neurals Networks , that is trained to mimic how real persons would rate the pictures. The dataset used to optimize the model consists of 20.000+ images annotated with human-labeled aesthetic scores.

  • The AI-model is too complex to run it in the browser. Therefore we need to upload the pictures to our server. We delete them of course, after they are analyzed.

  • The images you upload are processed on our server, but we never save or publish them. We just keep the result for statistics without the photo.

  • No (maybe in the future)

  • No, unfortunetly it would be difficult to publish a standalone application, as we rely on multiple services of of Google Cloud

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