Show HN: Terminal interface to search the LLVM-C API

Show HN: Terminal interface to search the LLVM-C API


This tool scrapes the LLVM-C API and affords a TUI to switch wanting and navigate the
API from the terminal. It came to be from the shortage of search alternatives in the
llvm-c legit documentation, and
scenario to navigate the hyperlinks as a beginner to llvm.

To search out, as an illustration, the sext corresponding instruction, as an different of clicking
all it sounds as if connected hyperlinks of sub-modules (in
reality, this proper feature was the “final-tumble”, and the clarification why I wrote
program), merely urge this design, and then filter for sext by tapping / when the TUI loads.

Moreover, pressing enter on the chosen item will originate the corresponding
llvm-c API webpage on the browser.

v0.4 Preview

Procuring for the feature that returns the LLVM pointer form of an LLVM model
Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 23 39 30

Plan and Hunch

drag accumulate # fetch programs
drag develop # develop program

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Ava Chan

Ava Chan

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